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    ClinicTracker Community Training Series

    Previously Recorded Webinars

    We developed the Community Training Series as another way of helping our users learn about ClinicTracker and gain regular access to our team of support experts. Over the years we’ve covered many topics, from those that address the basics to others that consider more advanced topics.

    Here we present all the webinars we’ve recorded. They are organized by topic. To watch one, hover your cursor over the webinar you want to view and click “Watch Now.”

    If you have suggestions for topics we should cover in future webinars, click here to tell us about them.


    What's New: ClinicTracker Enhancements
    Stay up to date in ClinicTracker! Join us as we highlight recent updates and how to use them in your clinic.
    What's New: BillingTracker Enhancements
    Stay up to date in BillingTracker! Join us as we highlight recent updates and how to use them in your clinic.
    What's New: BillingTracker Enhancements
    Stay up to date in BillingTracker! Join us as we highlight recent updates and how to use them in your clinic.
    What's New: ClinicTracker Enhancements
    Stay up to date in ClinicTracker! Join us as we highlight recent updates and how to use them in your clinic.
    BillingTracker Reports
    Viewing TriZetto Rejections and Overcoming standard rejections.
    BillingTracker Reports

    Learn how to access prebuilt reports and create a custom claim note report. 

    Bundle Billing
    Learn how to create a single, comprehensive claim that covers all of the services involved in a patient's episode of care.
    Receiving and Applying Remittance and Client Payments
    Learn how to apply payments from Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files and how to process payments from your clients.
    Transitioning and Submitting claims
    Learn how to transition from an appointment to a claim and to submit claims.
    BillingTracker Workflows
    Learn how to set up BillingTracker to support your unique processes.
    New Intake Appointments
    Schedule events that automatically check insurance eligibility
    Agency Intake
    Intake Assessment Template that completes the Demographic
    Program Intake
    Automatically granting access to clients' records to staff who will be assigned to the patient
    Treatment Planning/Progress Tracking
    Customizing and relabeling goals objectives and modalities
    Discharge and Series Q/A
    Create efficiencies with an administrative discharge for clients
    BillingTracker Setup
    Set up BillingTracker
    BillingTracker Setup II
    Configure billing defaults like Services, Programs, and Payers
    Creating Efficient Processes: New Intake Appointments
    Schedule events that automatically check insurance eligibility for the clients’ payor, and add the right services and diagnoses to ensure proper billing.
    Creating Efficient Processes: New Referrals
    Create efficiency by accepting referrals through the Patient Portal;  creating Patient Portal accounts and sending intake forms automatically; Identifying missing information.
    ASAM CONTINUUM - The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine

    Learn about our ASAM CONTINUUM integration. Hear from David R. Gastfriend, MD, DFASAM, Chief Architect, CONTINUUM – The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine.

    Viewing and Completing Your Tasks

    Learn how to use your Task Dashboard. This webinar is recommended for clinicians and their supervisors in clinics using automated Workflows.

    Leveraging Workflows in 2023 (and beyond)

    Learn the types of routines that you can automate in your clinic. See already-built examples that have simplified work for other clinics! 

    Building Workflows : The Basics 1/13/23

    Learn about Triggers, Filters, Tasks, and Smartflows. This webinar is a great introduction for anyone interested in automating work.

    Insurance Verfication 10/14/22

    Learn how to check insurance for one patient, and how to set up to automatically run it for all scheduled appointments.

    Tracking Insurance History 10/7/22

    Tracking Patient Insurance: Learn about this feature, new in the 9/30 release. Ensure that claims are created for the payer responsible for the date of service and create a historical record.

    Appointment Reminders 9/28/22

    Learn how to manage your appointment reminders.

    Form Builder 9/23/22

    Learn to embed tabs into stock forms, hide tabs from stock forms, create new forms, use forms in PP

    BillingTracker for Billers 9/2/22

    Understand how your clinical workflows impact the claims process and available data. Learn to create claims, set BillingTracker Options, and enter Override Rules.

    FastTrack: ClinicTracker for Clinicians 8/19/22

    Learn how to schedule an event, view the client dashboard, enter a treatment plan, record a progress note, view and complete your tasks, search and sign paperwork in bulk.

    Groups, Groups, Groups

    Learn how to manage your Groups, schedule Group Appointments, complete Group Progress Notes, and keep Group Waiting Lists.

    Submitting and Resubmitting Claims 7/22/22

    Learn how to simplify resubmissions by with claim resubmission rules for each payor and use these rules in the ERA screen.

    FastTrack Tour for Buisiness Leaders 7/15/22

    Learn how to review and improve Key Performance Indicators such as time to payment, claim denial rate, new patients per month, staff productivity, and more.

    Using Control Reference in Form Builder 7/8/22

    Learn to use a new feature in Form Builder that will mirror Demographic form fields (or any field on any custom form) and will edit the Demographic data when it is updated on your form.

    Feature Spotlight: Campaign Builder 6/24/22

    Learn how to send bulk messages to specific groups of clients and staff. Discuss ways to improve patient engagement with Campaign Builder.

    FastTrack Tour for Patient Portal 6/17/22

    This is a great webinar for new clinics and new employees to learn the basics of the Patient Portal. Learn how to set up a Patient Portal account, send forms for completion, and more.

    Community Discussion: Staff Portal 6/6/22

    Explore the Web-Based Staff Portal and learn to schedule appointments, complete staff tasks, send messages, record Progress Notes, and more. Discuss the benefits and simplicity of onboarding new staff in the Staff Portal.

    FastTrack Tour for Supervisors 6/3/22

    Learn how to find and sign paperwork, review your team’s client lists, run reports, search and sign paperwork in bulk, and review and manage your team’s tasks.

    Online Portal Registration for Clients and Authorized Users 5/23/22

    Learn how inviting patients and authorized user to self register for the Patient Portal can save time and help automate other processes

    FastTrack Tour for Clinical Staff 5/20/22

    Learn to schedule an event, view the client dashboard, enter a treatment plan, record a progress note, view and complete your tasks, and search/sign paperwork in bulk.

    FastTrack Tour for Front Office Staff 5/13/22

    Learn to set up a new client, schedule an event, verify insurance, check completed paperwork, collect copay, and view/complete your tasks.

    Streamlining Your Intake Process 4/29/22

    Learn how to automate your new patient process.

    Streamlining Your New Patient Process 5/6/22

    Learn how to automate your new patient process.

    Tips for Building Better Forms 4/22/2022

     Tips for building forms, keeping your end-users in mind.

    Build Better Forms, Get Better Reports 4/15/2022

    Learn how good form-building practices can set you up for great reports.

    Using Workflow Builder 4/13/2022

    Learn how to build simple, automated workflows to improve compliance and staff efficiency.

    Form Builder 2/25/22

    Topics include adding and hiding tabs, creating forms, sharing forms through the Patient Portal.

    ClinicTracker Process Selection 2/11/22
    BillingTracker Basic Admin 2/7/22

    Confugure Your Clinic: BillingTracker Admin – Topics Include BillingTracker Setup, Insurer Plans, Overrides, Fee Schedules, Modifier Rules.

    ClinicTracker Basic Admin 1/28/22

    Configure Your Clinic: ClincTracker Basic Admin – Topics include Maintenance Menu, Options, Admin Config, Form Builder, and Workflow Builder.

    Carequality Connector Webinar 1/12/22

    Carequality Connector helps clinics access patient health histories without faxes or phone calls.

    Custom Labels: 12/2/21

    Learn how to overwrite system labels using terminology that is familiar to your users.

    Insurance Eligibility Verification: 11/04/2021

    The Insurance Eligibility Verification tool allows you to authenticate insurance coverage and check eligibility directly through ClinicTracker.

    Scheduler Deep-Dive: 10/7/2021

    ClinicTracker has a powerful integrated scheduler which supports patient, staff, and room scheduling, color coding, custom event types, conflict checking, and much more.

    User Roundtable: The Online Patient Registration: 9/9/2021

    Online Patient Registration can be a huge time saver for your front desk staff. We will be using the feedback from this session to make the registration process even simpler for you and your patients.

    Building a Custom Treatment Plan Form: 9/3/2021

    Learn how to set up a Diagnosis tab, configure values for the Goals/Objectives tab, collect patient’s name and Initial Assessment data from other forms, and share the plan to the Patient Portal for patient signatures.

    Fee for Service Billing: 9/2/2021

    Learn how to transition clinical data to the financial system, create claims, and complete follow-up.

    Advanced Form Builder: 8/28/21

    Learn how to display, hide, calculate, and format formulas using Form Builder.

    Getting Started with Report Builder: 8/20/21

    Learn how to access and navigate Report Builder, grant staff permission to create and view reports, identify a suitable data source for your report, and build a simple report.

    Form Builder Administration: 8/13/2021

    Learn how to access Form Builder, grant Staff Permission, understand the different form types, and build a rating scale with real-time scoring.

    Provider Training: 8/6/2021

    Learn how to view your schedule, update an appointment, record a progress note and complete a treatment plan.

    The New Workflow Builder: 8/5/2021

    Learn how to configure a paperwork due date, send calls and texts, and generate automatic Patient Portal form requests.

    Front Office Staff Training: 7/30/2021

    Learn how to use ClinicTracker for everyday tasks such as entering a new intake, verifying insurance eligibility, scheduling an appointment, checking-in a client, and collecting a copay.

    Configuring ClinicTracker for Success: 7/15/2021

    Learn how to configure the Options Form, Maintenance Menu, Admin Config (e.g. automatic staff assignments, custom labels, and template headers)

    Staff Portal Basics: 7/1/2021

    Learn how to grant staff permission to login and access the Staff Portal, and use Staff Portal features such as scheduling, messaging, ePrescribing, and recording documentation.

    Patient Portal Basics: 6/3/2021

    Learn Patient Portal basics such as configuring and customizing the portal.

    Customizing the Patient Statement Process: 5/6/2021

    Learn how to design, transmit statements, and automatically re-queue statements.

    Claim Payment History: 3/4/2021

    Learn how to make the most of BillingTracker’s functionality around reviewing payment information.

    Telehealth Connector: 2/18/2021

    Learn about our “bring your own platform” approach to offering telehealth services through ClinicTracker.

    Staff Info Review: 2/4/2021

    Learn how to enter data about new staff, and also adjust permissions for existing members of your team.

    Admin Concepts Series - Options Form: 1/7/2021

    Learn how to adjust settings for Demographics, Patient Contacts, Alerts, and Security.

    Scheduling Groups: 12/7/2020

    Learn how to schedule appointments or write notes for an entire group rather than for one member at a time.

    Form Builder Best Practices: 10/22/2020

    Learn best practices for designing your form in Form Builder so it works best within the system and when designing reports.

    ClinicTracker Introduction: 10/8/2020

    Learn about ClinicTracker in this brief introduction.

    IOP Claim Billing: 8/20/2020

    Learn how to configure your programs and use the Batch Claim Creation feature to bundle qualified claims.

    Smart Rating Scale: 8/13/2020

    Learn how to use a Smart Rating Scale with Form Builder, Compliance Builder, and Report Builder.

    New RCopia4 Platform: 7/23/2020

    April Rainwater of DrFirst presents the new RCopia4 Platform.

    Sharing an interim progress note via the Patient Portal: 7/30/2020

    Learn how to create an Authorized User account to share the progress note with users via the Patient Portal.

    Creating an Interim Progress Report using the Form Builder: 7/20/2020

    Learn how to create a form within ClinicTracker that gathers the essential elements of a treatment goal progress report.

    Appointment Reminders Overview: 7/2/2020

    Learn how to configure when the calls go out, the types of reminders you can generate, and the method for turning off automatic reminders when that’s required.

    Custom Form Graphing: 6/25/2020

    Learn how to create a rating scale with Form Builder and make the data available in other forms and features.

    Customizing Your Staff Info Form: 6/18/2020

    Learn how to further customize the staff info form to track the information you need to process claims and maintain HR files.

    New Features and Functionality: 6/11/2020

    Learn about the check-in kiosk, custom form graphing, and new ways to configure various modifier and override rules.

    Claim Management: 5/21/2020

    Learn how to review claims based on specified date ranges, payor, and transmission types, prepare batches of claims for submission to insurers for adjudication and follow up on outstanding claims.

    Submission Batches: 5/7/2020

    Learn how to review and work with previously-created claim batches including re-queuing an entire claim batch, tracking the submission status, and adding Billing Notes.

    Claim Payments: 4/23/2020

    Learn how to collect Copays, enter Patient Payments manually, manage Insurance Payments (paper EOBs); and handle ERA Insurance Remittance (835).

    Billing Dashboard: 4/9/2020

    Learn about “Billing Dashboard” within BillingTracker that turns Billing Notes into a system for assigning responsibilities and monitoring efforts to collect on claims. 

    Telemedicine Billing: 4/1/2020

    Learn how to identify payors and meet requirements to be reimbursed for the telehealth services you’ve provided.

    Administering Forms via Patient Portal: 2/21/2020

    Learn how to administer forms through the Patient Portal and then review the data within ClinicTracker.

    Paperwork Compliance Rules - Part 3: 2/6/2020

    Learn how to create automated paperwork due dates and then review them within ClinicTracker.

    Secondary Claims Billing: 1/30/2020

    Learn how to do the entire secondary claims billing process.

    Building the Form - Part 2: 1/23/2020

    Learn how one clinic designed and implemented a custom form into their clinic workflow.

    New Features and Functionality: 1/16/2020

    Learn about new features and functionality for both ClinicTracker and BillingTracker.

    Custom Form Overview - Part 1: 1/9/20

    Learn about one clinic’s experience creating a form.