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ClinicTracker Connect partners with DrFirst to deliver a fully integrated ePrescribing system for behavioral healthcare providers. This SureScripts certified solution offers a sophisticated digital platform for writing and tracking prescriptions for legend and schedule II-V drugs. With 49 states and the District of Columbia accepting ePrescriptions for controlled substances, our prescribers can take advantage of this faster and more secure approach to managing prescriptions electronically.

Increase Patient Safety

  • Reduced potential for adverse drug events caused by drug-drug/drug-allergy interactions
  • Eliminate errors due to poor or misread handwriting
  • Faster, more efficient patient notification in the event of an FDA safety alert

Enhance Productivity

  • Online availability anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time patient medication lists pulled from three Pharmacy Benefit Management Systems
  • Faster, one-click, multi-script prescription renewal process (case studies suggest a savings of 1-2 hours/day for office staff)
  • Fewer pharmacy call backs
  • Less time spent with pharmacy questions and renewal requests
  • Fully-integrated solution means that medications entered in ClinicTracker are available for interaction checking
  • Prescriptions written in DrFirst are available for import into ClinicTracker Progress Notes
  • With EPCS Gold (powered by DrFirst), you can seamlessly send controlled substance prescriptions to retail or mail order pharmacies within the same workflow you use to prescribe legend drugs
  • Eliminates calls from patients requesting alternative covered medication, mail order submission, or prior authorizations

Improve Patient Experience

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs because providers can identify medications with lower co-payments (an average savings of $20-25 per prescription)
  • Less time spent waiting at the pharmacy since prescriptions are sent ahead
  • Reduced potential for adverse drug events caused by drug-drug/drug-allergy interactions, mistaken handwriting, or incorrect quantity
  • Increased treatment compliance because of more cost-effective and convenient care

White Coat of Quality Award from SureScripts

ClinicTracker has been awarded the White Coat of Quality award for 2012 and 2013 for our implementation of the DrFirst system within ClinicTracker Connect. The White Coat of Quality Award is SureScripts’ highest recognition for software providers that uphold strict standards for clinical quality and best practices in ePrescribing.

Meaningful Use

ePrescribing is one of the key elements of the Meaningful Use program and will help you to meet six of the criteria. For more information about Meaningful Use and ClinicTracker’s Stage 2 certification, click here.

New York Prescribers

New York State has initiated a program called Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP). DrFirst offers educational webinars on this program, the enrollment process, and how to ePrescribe controlled substances.

e-Prescribing controlled substances EPCS


e-Prescribing of
Controlled Substances

You can extend ClinicTracker’s ePrescribing module with a feature called EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) Gold. With EPCS Gold (powered by DrFirst), you can seamlessly send controlled substance prescriptions to retail or mail order pharmacies within the same workflow you use to prescribe legend drugs. It makes prescribing more efficient, advances patient medication adherence, and increases convenience for your patients. After an initial credentialing and identity-proofing process (mandated by the DEA), prescribers can begin ePrescribing Schedule II-V drugs. To avoid any confusion and eliminate guesswork by providers, EPCS Gold automatically detects which substances can be sent electronically.


High Caliber Security

  • EPCS Gold is the first and foremost Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)- and Surescripts-certified solution for e-prescribing
  • Legal since 2010 at the Federal level, controlled substance e-prescribing is also approved in 49 U.S. States and the District of Columbia, and more than 40% of pharmacies nationwide accept controlled substance e-prescriptions (Read More).
  • DEA mandated Two-Factor Authentication Protocol for all provider registrations (key-chain or soft-token)
  • Provider authentication through third-party identity proofing process

Added Benefits

  • Prevent prescription drug abuse
  • Avoid patients who are doctor shopping
  • Reduce fraud and abuse – no paper prescription pads to be stolen, altered, or forged
  • Be audit-ready with management reports

Electronic Processing

  • EPCS Signing Module lets you sign and submit Controlled Substance prescriptions electronically
  • Displays DEA-mandated content
  • Generates a digital signature for the prescription at the application level
  • Transmits prescriptions in SCRIPT 8.1E format
  • Receives and forwards prescription transmission responses, including status and error
  • Logs all application activity for audit purposes



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