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Mental Health EHR Software to Accommodate the Unique Needs of Mental Health Agencies

ClinicTracker is the complete behavioral health EHR Solution. Designed to handle all aspects of behavioral health workflows, our EHR software streamlines daily operations for all types of mental health practices. Accelerate patient intake, enhance care coordination, simplify HIPAA compliance, and more.
An example of how mental health providers and behavioral health specialists can use mental health EHR software to reduce administrative tasks, enhance patient care, and make behavioral health practices more profitable

One EHR System to Support All Mental Health Professionals

ClinicTracker software covers a wide spectrum of specialties in the clinical therapy, mental health, and prevention services industries. With over 23 years serving these types of behavioral health providers, we are proud to be the trusted mental health EHR software for mental health professionals across a wide variety of the following specialties.

See Why Behavioral Health Professionals Choose ClinicTracker

Learn how you can improve your organization’s performance, no matter your specialty, with our behavioral health EHR software.