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    Behavioral Health Clinics

    EHR Software That Understands the Needs of Behavioral Health Clinics

    After decades of service in hundreds of clinics, ClinicTracker is an EHR software solution that knows the world of behavioral health inside and out. You’ll be hard-pressed to identify a need that our software hasn’t already addressed, owing to a mountain of user input. If you do need to customize an existing feature, you can almost always manage that on your own. On the other hand, our development staff stands ready to work on new features that benefit our community of users. Just as each patient benefits from a unique and specific plan, each clinic should have an EHR and practice management program configured just for them. 

    behavioral health clinic records software
    EHR behavioral health clinics

    Unique Needs of Behavioral Health Clinics Require Unique Software Solutions

    ClinicTracker’s fundamental appeal flows from its consummate flexibility. You configure the program and its features the way you need them to be, not according to what the software dictates.  In brief, here are a few examples of how you can tailor the program. You can:

    • Develop treatment plans with nested goals, objectives and interventions
    • Establish problem-based goals
    • Build Custom Rating Scales to serve as outcome measures
    • Accommodate the Wiley PracticePlanner for more efficient, accurate and effective case management
    • Manage e-Prescribing directly from the interface for faster treatment and better treatment tracking
    • Administer forms and communicate through the Patient Portal, streamlining processes with patients and reducing delays that occur through regular communication

    Find the Best Behavioral and Mental Health Software

    Choose ClinicTracker, the best EHR software solution for one simple reason – clinicians and administrators designed it, not software developers. In other words, ClinicTracker was built to meet the individual needs of your clinic and clientele.

    EHR for behavioral health clinic

    Find the Best Behavioral and Mental Health Software

    Purchasing EHR software can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look through our website and see how we’ve approached our solution. Better yet, contact us and arrange a time to review how our software can make your clinic run more efficiently and effectively.

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    Performance Measurement Reports
    Payroll Management
    Meaningful Use
    Unified Messaging System
    Differential Chart Access
    Clinical Reporting
    Financial Reporting
    Executive Dashboard
    Staff Portal

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