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Clinical Communication And Collaboration Software

We have utilized secure cloud communication for our clients and ourselves for over 10 years.
Secure Cloud Communications

Secure Cloud Communications

Making sure your communications are secure has become a central focus for behavioral health agencies. Gone are the days when it’s okay to leave sheets in a fax machine or send private medical information through regular email. ClinicTracker’s integrated secure Cloud Communication package (which includes Cloud Fax and Direct Secure Messaging services) lets you exchange all incoming and outgoing messages securely and directly from within your EHR.

Secure Cloud Communications

Cloud Faxing (e-Fax)

Old-fashioned fax machines are steadily fading from clinical settings because they cannot guarantee that the right person receives the right document every time. They also make snooping far too easy. While you can scan documents and attach them to a standard email, this approach does not fall under HIPAA-compliant methods for transmitting Protected Health Information (PHI).

Cloud faxing allows users to organize documents and manage who has access to specific files. By managing contacts through a cloud-based fax system, document control is effortlessly straightforward:

  • Eliminate the traditional fax machine from your practice
  • Save time by sending faxes just like you would compose an email
  • Keep all of your communications well-organized and secure

Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging is the accepted protocol for exchanging PHI over the internet. Unlike regular email, Direct Messages are authenticated and encrypted to ensure sensitive data are sent and received only by authorized parties.

Federal regulations require that you securely transmit any messages to an outside provider that contains PHI. These rules ensure that your patients’ privacy is always protected. The latest secure encryption technology is used to send messages, file attachments, and C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) records directly through ClinicTracker. In fact, if your agency uses the ClinicTracker Patient Portal, your patients will be able to forward their medical records (in C-CDA format) to outside providers, safe in the knowledge that the information is protected.

  • Send and receive any patient information over a trusted HIPAA-compliant network
  • Stay compliant with Meaningful Use regulations
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