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Clinical Practice Management Analytics

Performance Measurement Reports

Performance Measurement Reports

Welcome to Performance Measurement Reports – a practice management tool from ClinicTracker. We designed it as an effortless way for administrators to keep close tabs on their operations. You tell ClinicTracker what metrics you want to follow, and the system automatically emails you a complete report on whatever schedule you select. It’s a built-in warning system that keeps an eye on your business at all times—and you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Receive automated emails that report on whether the metrics you selected have fallen outside your acceptable range
  • Choose which days of the week you’d like the software to email reports
  • View, sort, and graph data within ClinicTracker
  • Print or export charts in standard formats
Performance Measurement Report email alert
automatic performance report via email

Benefits of Performance Measurement Reports

Drive Business Performance

  • Keep an eye on the flow of intakes, admissions, and discharges
  • Track the number of active intakes and patient sessions per day
  • Monitor kept vs. missed appointments

Keep Operations Healthy

  • Oversee your agency’s status even when you’re busy managing other responsibilities
  • Be proactive, not reactive, in making critical business decisions

Improve Financial Control

  • Monitor the number of unbilled appointments
  • Keep patient and insurer credit balances in check
  • Make sure your staff is paying attention to applied payments and adjustments from patients/insurers

Stay Compliant

  • Keep up with compliance workflow items, such as unsigned or missing progress notes
  • Always be prepared for regulatory inspections
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