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Financial Reporting And Mental Health Accounting Software


Track Your Organization's Financial Health with Customized Reports 

An important part of practice management is being able to track financial operations. The more visibility mental health professionals have into their revenue streams and expenses, the better equipped they are to budget for the future and drive improvements.

At ClinicTracker, we've designed dozens of detailed reports to help managers and directors at mental health practices create order around their financial reporting. These built-in reports give you a whole new level of information and control over how your organization manages claims and payments.

With practice management software that includes detailed financial reports, a practice is able to continue delivering services by improving their management of claims and payments
Mental health professionals at a practice rely on financial reports in their mental health software to support revenue cycle management

Reduce Your Accounts Receivable Faster

Staying on top of patient payments is essential for maintaining a steady cash flow. That cash flow enables behavioral health professionals to continue delivering services with room to upgrade facilities and provide professional development opportunities.

With ClinicTracker's customized reports, you can easily access information related to patient and insurance payments, which in turn helps you make more accurate cash flow projections. At any time, you can view:

  • Claim Status
  • Claim Activity
  • Claims and Balances
  • Aging by Patient, Clinician, or Insurer
  • Collection Letters
  • And more!

If ClinicTracker doesn’t already contain a report that has the information you need, you are able to create it with the Custom Report Builder or ask our support team to help.

Enhance Your Business Intelligence

Sometimes mental health providers want to dig even deeper to improve revenue cycle management. Other built-in reports in ClinicTracker can further break down claim activity and payments to deliver added insights. This includes:

  • Claim Detail by Insurer
  • Payment Report
  • Payment Application by Client or Clinician
  • Payments by Transaction
  • Payments by Claim
  • Credit Balance Report
Alongside electronic medical records and electronic health records, mental health professionals leverage financial reports to improve their practice management
An integration between electronic health records, billing software, and practice management empowers therapy practices to minimize administrative tasks and focus on patient care and positive clinical outcomes

Reporting That Integrates With Your Practice Management Software

An integrated practice management system means that you can easily transition clinical appointments into billable claims. It also allows for information to flow between the clinical and financial aspects of your organization. For example, financial reports can include demographic or clinical information, while clinical staff can view a patient’s open balance information. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide mental health professionals with electronic health record (EHR) software that helps them be efficient and accurate. Seamless integrations support these efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health accounting software?

Mental health accounting software is a software dedicated to managing the financial operations of mental health practices. It is equipped with features to streamline billing and invoicing processes, the management of insurance claims, and more. These features work together to help mental health professionals save time, minimize errors, stay compliant, and improve their financial planning.

Can mental health accounting software integrate with other practice management tools?

Yes, some mental health accounting software solutions can integrate with other practice management tools. Integration with electronic health records (EHR) systems eliminates the need for duplicate data entry while improving accuracy in billing and financial reporting. Mental health providers, meanwhile, can have a more transparent view of a patient's billing and financial history.

How can practices choose the right mental health accounting software?

Before investing in an accounting software, mental health practices should consider their specific accounting needs, desired features, and how the new system will integrate with their existing systems. It's also recommended to compare the price plans of different solutions and consult reviews to make an informed decision.

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