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Your All-in-One Appointment Scheduler & Appointment Tracker

clinical healthcare appointment scheduler software

Appointment Scheduler

ClinicTracker’s high-powered appointment scheduler and appointment tracker has all the functionality of a Microsoft Outlook-type scheduling solution, but with far more business tools tailored to the nuances of a clinical setting. Having the scheduler and appointment tracker tied into an all-encompassing practice management and billing system means that all the details flow from one part of the system to another.

Point to a scheduled appointment and begin documenting the appointment and writing your progress note. There is no need to re-enter any information about the patient, date, time, clinician, or service code. An integrated solution lets you select a scheduled patient and gain access to contact information, open balances, payor mix, and the full range of clinical information.

A patient checks a calendar before they confirm availability and schedule upcoming appointments at a behavioral health clinic at a date/time when there is availability
Before coming in for their upcoming appointment, a mental health patient is able to conveniently schedule the event on the provider's website via ClinicTracker, without any other apps needed

With Our Appointment Scheduler & Appointment Tracker, You Can:

  • Manage schedules for staff, patients, rooms, and groups
  • View multiple schedules side-by-side in a user-friendly interface
  • Receive pop-up alerts on-screen when your patient has checked in
  • Grant specific users read-only or full access to your schedule
  • Use advanced recurrences (e.g., every third Thursday)
  • Use the Find Available Appointment feature to locate open time slots for other users
  • Use color-coding to distinguish different event types (e.g., meetings versus appointments)
  • Customize your settings and create multiple favorite views you can retrieve on-demand
  • Manage a check-in sheet that shows which patients are in your office at any given time
  • Track travel time and distance when you have clinical staff in the field

Conflict Checking That Minimizes Clinic Headaches

One of the many powerful features of the appointment scheduler and tracker is its ability to check for appointment conflicts:

  • Prevents/warns against double-booking staff for upcoming appointments when they are unavailable
  • Prevents/warns against the double-booking of appointments at an office location
  • Prevents/warns against double-booking a patient or even having multiple appointments with the same service code for the same day (which might make one of the appointments non-reimbursable and increase the price for patients)
  • Warns if you schedule an event outside the hours set for the staff member or the agency as a whole

The system displays a fully-detailed warning if it detects a conflict with appointments. You can then decide whether to go ahead with scheduling an appointment or explore other options.

Appointment scheduling apps like the one through ClinicTacker's paid plans makes it easier for practices and patients to manage upcoming appointments in a secure way
A clinical provider receives a notification that her client has checked in for their appointment via her Google Calendar and can easily access the PDF file she needs for the appointment

Appointment Scheduler & Appointment Tracker Integrations

ClinicTracker's scheduler and tracker for appointments works seamlessly with two software solutions:

Performance Measurement Reports
Cloud Communications
Telehealth Online Consultation
Billing Service
Staff Portal
Unified Messaging System
Report Builder
Workflow / Compliance Builder
Automated Appointment Reminders

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