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Outcome Measures Tracking

Outcome Measures

Using rating scales to evaluate symptoms, impairment, and treatment response has become the standard of care. But usually it is too complicated to administer and score test instruments. With the ClinicTracker Testing Wizard, you can simplify the entire process.


 Easy Configuration

  • Create and edit tests with an uncomplicated interface
  • Develop on-screen instructions
  • Select question formats (true/false, multiple choice, ranges)
  • Create subscales for scoring purposes
  • Generate an unlimited number of questions, set up a scoring system, and arrange the order of questions
Clinical Staff
Streamlined Administration

Streamlined Administration

  • Staff can administer tests or patients can respond directly on your office computer
  • One click of the mouse moves you from any patient record to test administration
  • Pre-stored reporting makes presenting test results simple and compelling
  • Tests are automatically scored as they are completed
  • Test profiles include: Total scores, subscale scores, and performance by patient groups

Integrated Test Analysis

  • Fully-integrated with the rest of the client’s file in ClinicTracker
  • Import rating scale data into existing forms or even custom forms you develop
  • Generate complete response analysis or summaries of totals and subscores
  • Track trends over time
Integrated Test Analysis
Built-In Outcome Measures

Built-In Outcome Measures

Even though you can build any measure you want, ClinicTracker starts you off with an Outcome Measures Testing Wizard library of pre-stored scales, including:

  • PHQ-9
  • Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
  • AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale)
  • CRAUD (Clinician Rating of Alcohol Use Disorder)
  • DALI (Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Inventory)
  • And more…
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