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Electronic Signature Pad

Behavioral health facilities regularly require signatures on treatment plans, consent forms, and other paperwork. An electronic signature capture pad, or e-signature pad, makes getting this sign-off faster and easier. And when signature capture devices are integrated with a behavioral health EHR like ClinicTracker, all the better.

ClinicTracker integrates with two leading electronic signature capture providers: Topaz and Scriptel. As documents are signed via these e-signature pads, they are securely stored in our EHR and made instantly accessible — with no additional forms or manual data entry required. While this saves time for your administrators, your patients will appreciate the ease of the signing process and how it helps to make their sessions more productive.

Think of an electronic signature capture device as one more way to streamline your facility’s operations. In conjunction with ClinicTracker, you’ll create less work for your staff and a better experience for your patients.

A graphic displaying two devices used to capture electronic signatures versus handwritten signatures

Scriptel E-signature Pads

Two Scriptel e-signature pads

Scriptel offers reliable and affordable electronic signature capture pads. The solutions are terminal-server compatible, 100% plug-and-play, and have no batteries to replace. A backlit LCD and an ergonomic design create the ideal signing experience.


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Topaz E-signature Pads

Two Topaz e-signature pads

Topaz offers electronic signature capture pads for a variety of industries, including healthcare. Reliable, patented techniques ensure the proper capture of digital signatures every time. Versatile options include pads built specifically for rugged use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do electronic signature devices enhance security and compliance in healthcare documentation?

Electronic signature capture devices provide a secure and traceable method for capturing signatures, ensuring the authenticity of signatures on important documents such as consent forms, treatment plans, and medical records. By digitizing signatures, healthcare facilities can improve document integrity, reduce the risk of forgery, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA.

In what ways do electronic signature pads streamline administrative processes in the healthcare setting?

Rather than relying on a handwritten signature, electronic signature pads allow for faster document processing, eliminate the need for physical storage of paper documents, reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data entry, and provide a secure method for capturing and storing signatures electronically. Additionally, electronic signatures can be integrated directly into EHR systems, further streamlining administrative workflows.

What training or education is required for healthcare professionals to effectively use electronic signature pads?

Healthcare professionals may require training on the proper use of electronic signature pads to ensure accurate and compliant signature capture. Training topics may include understanding laws and regulations around capturing electronic signatures, familiarization with the features and functionalities of specific signature pads, practicing proper signature capture techniques, and awareness of security best practices. Ongoing education may also be necessary to keep healthcare professionals updated on any changes or advancements in electronic signature technology and compliance standards.