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ClinicTracker Features

The most comprehensive, flexible and efficient EHR software platform available.

A Comprehensive Set of EHR Software Features

ClinicTracker offers a vast menu of features that you can customize to fit your needs both now and in the future. We designed the software to make your work life easier, not harder (like so many EHRs). You’ll find that ClinicTracker keeps everyone more organized, efficient, and productive.


Fully Integrated EHR

Clinical Records Management (EHR)
BillingTracker (Billing)
Custom Form Builder
Workflow Builder
Electronic Prescribing

Reporting and Management Tools

Clinical Reporting
Financial Reporting
Outcome Measures
Payroll Management
Executive Dashboard
Performance Reports
Report Builder

Patient Engagement

Collaboration Tools

Unified Messaging
Realtime ClinicChat
Cloud Fax & Secure Direct Messaging
Staff Portal

Security and Meaningful Use

Differential Chart Access
HIPAA Compliant Security
Meaningful Use

Additional Services

Billing Service
Accounting Integration
Patient Collections
Clearinghouse Partnership
Insurance Claim Processing
ClinicTracker Mobile
Lab Orders and Results
Patient Statements

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