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    Patient Appointment Scheduling

    Self Scheduling

    Self Scheduling via the Patient Portal

    Part of the patient’s recovery and treatment is taking responsibility and being organized. That includes being able to schedule their own appointments with you. Instead of calling and speaking with someone looking at the provider’s schedule and trying to find a convenient time for an appointment, it would be much more efficient and easier if the patient could simply look a the calendar and pick a time on their own. That’s why it was built into the ClinicTracker solution.

    Self Scheduling via the Patient Portal
    No Double Bookings, No Confusion

    No Double Bookings, No Confusion

    The Patient Portal Appointment Scheduler:

    • Allows Patients to see your availability based on your schedule
    • Eliminates confusion about scheduling appointments
    • Links all patient records to the appointment, including treatment history, insurance information and other historical records
    • Prevents/warns against double-booking  having multiple appointments with the same service code for the same day (which might make one of the appointments non-reimbursable)
    • Sends an Automated Appointment Reminder to reduce no-shows

    With our Scheduler, booking errors are minimized, making your time much more efficient.

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