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Patient Responsibility Estimation

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Estimate Patient Responsibility

If the uncertainty of treatment wasn’t enough for your patients, the uncertainty of their responsibility for payment only makes things more stressful. There are variables, but with our system you can reduce uncertainty and estimate patient responsibility.

ClinicTracker has partnered with TriZetto Provider Solutions to integrate Patient Responsibility Estimation tool within our software solution. This way, you’ll be able to provide your patients an accurate understanding of what they will be expected to pay towards their treatment up front and reduce unexpected bills.

Estimate Patient Responsibility
Responsibility Estimates For Patients

The Importance of Patient Responsibility Estimates For Patients

Surprise medical bills are a big concern for a lot of Americans. Research shows that more than 6 in 10 people would have to borrow to be able to pay an unexpected bill over $1000, and 45% say they ‘would have difficulty paying a surprise bill over $500.’ Being able to plan for payments, budgeting in advance, is critical for clients to be able to afford their treatment. The only way to plan is by having all the correct information, and an accurate estimate is a very good start.

Why Patient Responsibility Estimation Is Important For Your Facility

There are a number of reasons real-time estimates make good sense for you:

  • Share payment expectations up front
  • Increase likelihood of proactive payments by patients
  • Reduce unpaid balances and bad debts
  • Improve service satisfaction for patients
  • Reduce patient stress, leading to better treatment outcomes
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Letting your patients know what they can expect is an important aspect of your facility. Let us show you what to expect by using the ClinicTracker Software Solution. Book a free demonstration now, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it!