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    Credit Card Processing


    Credit Card Processing

    We have partnered with TransFirst to offer a service for processing credit card charges directly though ClinicTracker Connect. No more wasting time entering the information manually. No more awkward standalone terminals. With a single card swipe, ClinicTracker acquires the credit card data, transmits the transaction to the payment gateway, and applies the payment to the patient’s account. Patients can also pay their bills online through the Patient Portal.

    Credit Card Processing

    Convenient Access System-Wide

    You can collect copays and process credit cards at several different points within ClinicTracker:

    • Patient Dashboard
    • Demographic Record
    • Scheduler
    • BillingTracker
    • Patient Portal

    Payment Process

    Wherever you access the payment system, you use the same method: On the Collect Copay screen, enter the amount due, payment method, reference number, and any comments you might want to store. When you swipe the credit card through the card reader, the card holder’s name, card number, and expiration date will automatically populate the appropriate fields. If you are accepting a payment by phone, you would simply key in this information. The system automatically applies the specified payment amount to the patient’s account.

    If the transaction is approved, the patient receives a receipt by email. You can also print out a paper version immediately or suggest it be printed at home through the Patient Portal. Your clinic can also keep records of patient payments by running reports based on credit card transactions.



    • Simple implementation and electronic enrollment process with no contract terms
    • Makes it more convenient for the patient to pay bills
    • Reduces the time staff spend collecting copays and processing post-adjudication balances
    • Minimizes desk clutter (the card reader is compact)
    • Eliminates redundancy and reduces errors by keeping the process entirely within ClinicTracker
    • Assures transactions are processed using the latest digital security in a safe and secure environment
    • Help is just a call away with TransFirst’s in-house, on-shore, 24/7 customer support

    Integrated Credit Card Processing Saves Money

    • Record keeping and reporting are easier because transactions are posted to your bank account before any fees are charged. Service fees are deducted in one lump sum at the end of the month
    • Faster payment posting (two days versus the three-day industry standard)
    • No charges for declined transactions because TransFirst waives declined authorization and batch header fees

    As an added benefit, TransFirst offers potential customers a complimentary Efficiency Analysis that compares your current costs for processing credit cards with what they would charge. This analysis comes with a Meet or Beat promise – they will not charge you more than you are paying now. TransFirst’s commitment to meet or beat pricing means that your payment processing will be more efficient and cost effective.

    Integrated Credit Card Processing Saves Money
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    Everyone accepts credit cards, but it’s how that integrates into the overall ClinicTracker solution that’s impressive. Book a free demo with us today, and we’ll show you how it all works together.