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We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!


Why should I use ClinicTracker to manage my clinic?

Because no other program comes close to ClinicTracker in the extent to which it can run every facet of your agency. We designed our software with the single-minded notion that an EHR should make life easier for everyone involved (clients included). On the day you implement ClinicTracker, your operation will become paperless, accountable, interconnected, and more productive. To learn more about how you will benefit from adopting ClinicTracker, click here.

To what degree can you customize your software so it does everything we need it to do?

We realize that every agency has its own set of requirements and conventions. And we know you want an EHR to reflect your clinic’s style and personality. That’s why we’ve engineered ClinicTracker with an extraordinary degree of flexibility that lets us personalize the system according to your specifications. But, in reality, you can modify much of the system on your own, mostly by adjusting values in a maintenance menu and selecting options.

Is it easy to learn and use ClinicTracker?

Because ClinicTracker was designed by clinicians focused on instituting a system that made their jobs easier, the program is extremely easy to learn and implement. It is so intuitive and efficient, even the most resistant staff members will embrace ClinicTracker because they will quickly realize how much time and effort it saves them.

Why should I select ClinicTracker over other software programs?

Simply put, nobody can give you the control, program flexibility, and lightning-fast support that we can. ClinicTracker is in a class by itself when it comes to being fine-tuned to the world of behavioral healthcare. Our customers have told us that ClinicTracker is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly solution on the market, and that our customer support is beyond anything they have experienced from any software vendor.

Is ClinicTracker remotely accessible from an iPad, tablet, or smartphone?

Yes! Microsoft offers a Remote Desktop client for both Android and iOS devices. You can therefore access ClinicTracker from any supported smart phone or tablet.


What’s the purchase price?

Several factors will determine your cost, including the number of users, which modules you select, and the number of additional services you require. Regardless, you will find our pricing competitive and affordable. We can also offer you plans for SAAS, purchase, or lease. Contact us for a quote today.

How do you license the software?

We typically license the software on a per-user basis. You will therefore need a license for each staff member who intends to log into the program. Site-licenses are available for larger agencies and we offer per-transaction pricing as well. Our sales staff will work with you to determine the pricing model that best fits your agency.

Installation, Implementation, and Usage

What happens once I sign a contract?

Implementation starts with a detailed discovery session. We’ll identify every factor that’s critical to a successful installation: hardware, network environment, existing software, conversion of existing data, customization, demo system pilot, and staff training. Together we’ll review this detailed plan and develop an implementation schedule. Our implementation methodology ensures a smooth implementation and productive use of staff time.

What exactly is included in my support services?

You will receive access to an incredibly fast, remarkably competent, US-based support team that has a singular focus of ensuring your success and happiness with our software. You will receive frequent (often weekly) updates to the system that provide enhancements and correct any identified issues. You will benefit from features requested by other users in the ClinicTracker community. We will answer your questions, provide training on new features, and do everything in our power to ensure a good experience with ClinicTracker.

How long does installation and implementation take to complete?

We typically implement systems in a matter of weeks. Our fastest implementation was 26 calendar days from contract signing to go-live. This is a stark contrast to other programs that can take months or years to configure and implement. That said, there are many additional services you may require that could change that timeframe. For example, the timing may increase if you require data migration from an existing system, develop custom integrations, or accommodate any other agency-specific requirements. Your salesperson and Dedicated Implementation Specialist will be able to define an implementation schedule given your unique needs.

I'm planning to expand my clinic over the next year or two. Will ClinicTracker be able to accommodate my growing needs?

ClinicTracker is scalable to any-sized organization – from a small group practice to a sprawling agency.

How often do you release updates?

We take a different approach to update releases than most other companies because we do not wait 6-12 months for major service pack releases. Our updates are so easy to distribute, we can release a new version whenever we develop new features we want you to be able to take advantage of – often monthly. This method has two benefits: 1) you don’t need to wait months or years to benefit from enhancements; and 2) changes are easier for users to digest, as there are only a handful of new features in each release, as opposed to pages of updated manuals to sift through.

System Requirements

How can we set up ClinicTracker on our network?

ClinicTracker can run in your local environment (either installed on multiple workstations or configured via terminal services), or on the cloud using the ClinicTracker Hosting Service. See below for the various requirements based on your type of installation. Please review the detailed system requirements or contact us if you would like to discuss how to best implement ClinicTracker in your agency.

What are the system requirements for Client/Server Environment?

All of your computers (clients) communicate with a database that is stored on the server. For the client machines, we recommend at least Windows 10 with a 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. We also require Microsoft Word (version 2000 or higher) for paperwork output and the .NET Framework (version 3.5 or higher). For the server, we recommend something capable of meeting the minimum system requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

What are the system requirements for a Terminal Server configuration?

Some agencies prefer a terminal server configuration because this method makes installation and ongoing support/maintenance easy. In this case, the client machines need only be able to open a remote desktop connection to the server (where ClinicTracker resides), which nearly all Windows computers can manage. Macintosh computers also have a remote desktop client that accomplishes the same connection. For the server, we recommend at least Windows Server 2019 in Terminal Server mode with a 2 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM.

What are the system requirements for a Hosted (SaaS) configuration?

The hosted option is very similar to the Terminal Server option described above, except we host the terminal server for you. As a result, all you need are devices capable of making a Remote Desktop connection (which is available on Windows, Android, and iOS).

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