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Clinical Workflow Software

Clinical Workflow Solutions That Fit How You Work, Not the Other Way Around

How do you want your behavioral health clinic to work? It’s an important question that implementing a computerized clinic management system forces you to ask. Consider variables like:

  • Which forms do patients complete on the first visit? 
  • Which forms should clinicians complete on that visit?
  • How often do clinicians need to revise documents to comply with regulations?
  • How will you handle release of information forms and then make sure you collect new versions once they expire?
  • What’s the easiest way to ensure that clinicians address goals and objectives, consistent with the treatment plan, within the progress notes?

With ClinicTracker, you have the means to customize clinical workflows in a way that suits your organization. Workflows can be established based on various manual and automated actions, from when a form or demographic record is created to when a staff member signs or updates a report. With the ability to create a limitless number of workflows (including multiple versions of the same workflow) and customize the forms referenced by them, you can rely on our clinical workflow software to best serve your needs.

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Clinical Workflow Software That Does More Than Just Replace Forms

The first step in your implementation is to make sure all your forms are available in our EHR system — including any forms that need to be created or customized. The next step is to make sure those forms work well together, with information flowing from one location in the client chart to another. From there, we’ll configure workflows that ensure staff are guided through the clinical and regulatory processes they need to follow.

By embedding forms in our clinical workflow software, clinics like yours can save considerable time by eliminating unnecessary steps. For instance, based on a few parameters in a progress note, you could trigger a workflow that automatically admits a patient and notifies your clinical manager. This type of automation can be especially beneficial for larger clinics that handle a high volume of patients.

All the while, you can reinforce compliance in your healthcare processes through prompts and reminders to complete required documentation on time — such as a scheduled treatment plan that’s due every 90 days. With less guesswork in your behavioral healthcare workflows, it becomes significantly easier to train new staff.

Integrating customized forms with electronic health records and clinical workflows helps an administrator enable even more workflow automation

Streamline Clinical Workflows With the Custom Form Builder

An important part of healthcare workflow management is capturing the right information. Our Custom Form Builder gives healthcare organizations an easy way to collect the details they need to empower a more personalized approach to patient care.

You'll have the ability to:

  • Create your own forms (both staff- and patient-related versions)
  • Modify existing forms, reorder sections to reflect your business processes, and hide sections that you’re not using
  • Include section headers, labels, drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, date-pickers, multi-line text boxes, and more
  • Capture an unlimited number of signatures, with managed workflows for signature requests
  • Collect external documents (e.g., Word documents, PDFs, etc.)
  • Use formulas to populate fields and set font/background colors
  • Reference fields from one form in another (e.g., reference Treatment Plan Goals in your Progress Notes)

Monitor Clinical Workflows With the Custom Report Builder

Every healthcare organization has specific information that's critical to their operations. The key is to be able to easily extract and visualize that data to support better decision-making and patient outcomes.

With our Custom Report Builder, you can:

  • Create customized output for any form to match your layout requirements
  • Design reports based on any data in the system
  • Format the elements of the report with a palette of fonts and colors
  • Create complex formulas based on multiple data fields
  • Export any of the reports in the system into Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, or Text formats
Rather than having to collect data from disparate systems, a healthcare administrator sees improved efficiency by being able to easily access information through customizable reports
map of states state regulatory requirements

State & Regulatory Requirements

Need something special to support state-specific requirements or other regulatory mandates? To streamline workflows, we've added many state reporting utilities to our EHR system. Our software currently offers data capture and automated reporting tools according to specifications issued by Illinois, Georgia, Wyoming, and Oregon.

A Signature Routing Feature That Further Simplifies Clinical Workflows

ClinicTracker eases the process of reviewing and countersigning documentation. If you need a supervisor’s signature on a form you’ve completed, simply click a button that sends a link and an optional message. The supervisor will see the notification in the messaging system, click the link to review the paperwork, sign off, and press another button to send you an acknowledgment notification.

No more passing around a paper file, leaving notes in a supervisor’s mailbox, or wondering what happened to a report you’ve written. All that clinical communication hassle goes away with ClinicTracker’s signature routing system. So does worrying about whether all the healthcare system forms that require signatures will pass regulatory scrutiny.

Signature routing automation software, included as part of EHR systems, reduces wait times and manual efforts to get forms regarding patient information signed
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Compliance (Workflow Builder)

Compliance (Workflow Builder)

Make workflows for paperwork accountability and more.

Compliance (Workflow Builder)

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Clinical Workflow Builder is just one example of how effective ClinicTracker can be for your facility. We’d be glad to demonstrate the rest of the software for you!