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Clinical Records Management

Clinical Records Management Benefits

ClinicTracker offers intake-to-discharge control over operations, streamlines clinic functions, guarantees regulatory compliance, and enhances accountability. ClinicTracker automates patient information input, tracks case progress, guides paperwork completion, and generates a broad range of clinic statistics. With ClinicTracker, you won’t need to worry about extensive training, gradual implementation, or staff resistance.

Clinictracker screenshot for clinical records
secure clinical records on multiple devices

Benefits of our Clinical Records Management System

  • Fit your EHR to how your clinic works with customizable workflows
  • Enable easy recording of intake and demographic information
  • Log all appointments and collateral activities to create a complete treatment history
  • Simplify charting of group appointments and notes for enhanced productivity
  • Document Progress Notes, Treatment Plans, admissions, discharges, and more
  • Manage medications and prescriptions with a Surescripts-certified ePrescribing system
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with alerts delivered via an integrated messaging system
  • Capture doctors’ order for labs, vitals, allergies, and general medical information
  • Allow instant access to any aspect of a patient’s record, all fully secured

Better Practice Management

You will find ClinicTracker in a class by itself when it comes to ease of installation and daily operation. The program requires little maintenance because it was developed for environments with limited (or no) IT resources. Your agency will be up and running on ClinicTracker quickly. The program’s clever design and functionality will promote itself to staff. Administrators and training directors will also flock to ClinicTracker because it will give them unparalleled access to practice and caseload information. Powerful customization tools will enable you to tailor much of the program on your own without requiring outside support. If you do require assistance, you will find our support staff available, responsive, and skilled.
clinic records accessible via tablet
clinical records system solves a puzzle

Designed For the Specific Challenges of Mental Health & Chemical Dependence Agencies.

ClinicTracker’s custom software will:

  • Eliminate the need to store, manage, and secure paper records
  • Effectively manage staff certifications and renewal dates
  • Improve overall office staff efficiency
  • Process automated insurance eligibility verifications to allow access to information without the need for phone calls and waiting on hold
  • Provide an automated appointment reminder service to reduce your no-show rate
  • Manage multiple schedules, locations, and patients at one time
  • Include both pre-stored and customizable reports to ensure quick answers to any question about your agency or patient population
  • Create any form template you need for patient or internal use
  • Come with an incredibly responsive and knowledgeable support staff
  • Offer a valuable Return On Investment, typically within the first 12 months

Clinical Records Management Ease of Use

At the heart of ClinicTracker’s success is an interface methodology that is so intuitive and user-friendly that it will require little training for even the most computer-challenged staff. Keep in mind that psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinic administrators who had no patience for extra keystrokes or unwieldy procedures developed this program to make clinic life easier, not more difficult. The program is fast, efficient, self-guiding, and inherently appealing to users because it saves them time and effort. Because this clinic management software has been “battle tested” over fifteen years of daily clinical operations, new users can rest assured that the program will function as promised, while offering:

  • Multiple navigation methods accommodate varying staff preferences
  • A Staff Dashboard that provides a snapshot of today’s priorities
  • A Patient Dashboard that centralizes all patient information in a single screen
  • An Executive Dashboard that enables instant analysis of key agency metrics
  • Comprehensive manuals, quick-start guides, training videos, and intelligent problem reporting system assist when questions arise
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