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    Unified Messaging System

    Unified Messaging

    Unified Messaging System

    ClinicTracker hosts its own internal messaging system that allows users to send information, links, and signature requests securely to individuals, pre-defined user groups, or the entire agency.
    Unified Messaging System

    Secure Internal Communication

    Gone are the roadblocks that so often interfere with staff communicating, exchanging patient data, and working together. Regardless of their work location, staff can share information and communicate freely. These interactions are highly secure because they are completely contained within your network. The message board also integrates reminders, ePrescribing notifications, and compliance alerts into a unified messaging center.

    Improved Teamwork

    Use these features to improve collaboration and accountability:

    • Staff Assignment Notifications
    • Scheduling Notifications
    • Paperwork Signature Requests
    • Hyperlinks, internal file links, and paperwork links
    • Ease the process of reviewing and countersigning documentation with Signature Routing
    Improved Teamwork
    Effortless Collaboration via Clinical Messaging

    Effortless Collaboration via Clinical Messaging

    With its centralized file of patient records, sophisticated alert system, and numerous messaging tools, ClinicTracker fosters collaboration throughout your organization. In addition to the email-like features offered through the message board, staff also have access to real-time communication via ClinicChat, the ability to communicate directly with clients through the Patient Portal Messaging features, and the capacity to send and receive secure Direct messages through an encrypted external messaging system.

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    Cloud Communications
    Telehealth Online Consultation
    Web-Based Staff Portal
    Report Builder
    Signature Routing
    Clinical Reporting
    Patient Portal

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