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Staff Portal

Web Based Staff Portal

With our web-based Staff Portal, your staff can access key information stored in ClinicTracker from anywhere, on any device. The most valuable feature is an online scheduler that presents both a list and graphical view of your appointments or those of colleagues who have granted you permissions. You can also view the calendar by patient or room as well as schedule both one-time and recurring events – all in the same format you’ve become accustomed to in ClinicTracker.

Web Based Staff Portal
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Sync Your Calendars From Anywhere

The Staff Portal is especially handy because it allows you to synchronize your ClinicTracker schedule with whatever calendars you use on other devices and services. Downloading an individual event or specific events displayed on-screen is easy. You can even set up a real-time calendar feed from within programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.

Create and Complete Your Own Forms

In addition to scheduling, the Staff Portal lets staff create and complete custom forms online using the same method you’ve come to know on the Patient Portal. For example, a staff member could enter information on a form designed to gather demographic information directly into a web-connected device. All information then flows directly into the ClinicTracker EHR. The data is accessible remotely or from your desktop application.

Create and Complete Your Own Forms
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