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Collections Service


Collections Service

Collecting healthcare bad debt has always been a challenge. That’s why ClinicTracker EHR and Transworld Systems (TSI) have teamed up to streamline the process and improve your bottom line. Users can access TSI’s proprietary collections platform directly from our EHR. The integration lets practices identify, select, and electronically transfer delinquent patient accounts to TSI for collections.

Collections Service
Benefits of ClinicTracker/TSI Integration

Benefits of ClinicTracker/TSI Integration

  • Forward bad debt claims with a few clicks
  • Expedite the payment process
  • Lower internal costs
  • Increase cash flow for revenue cycle management
  • Maintain positive patient relationships

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TSI is a leader in healthcare collections. Its solutions are secured and strengthened by continued investments in three major fields: compliance, data analytics, and technology. These investments serve to increase their operational efficiency and our clients’ ROI, but also protect our clients’ brands and reputations.

Over nearly 50 years, TSI has developed an expertise in collecting for the healthcare industry. “We pride ourselves on our engagement of patients, which includes using a sympathetic and diplomatic approach in our communications to help maintain the relationships you worked so hard to create,” says Scott from TSI.

Why use TSI for mental health and substance abuse debt collection?

Diplomatic. TSI understands that you need your money collected, but they are also committed to treating your patients with respect and dignity. You can rest assured that TSI will work appropriately with your clients.

Compliant. TSI’s Compliance Management System is woven into every fiber of its operations. The strategy minimizes risk, prevents violations, and ensures compliance with federal and state consumer protection laws.

Information Security. TSI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security. Both providers and clients can be confident that the company uses the latest technology available to safeguard private data.

Effective. TSI uses cutting-edge predictive analytics models that allows them to dynamically forecast how likely a person is to make a payment on debt. Targeting accounts based on likelihood to pay yields the best results.

Collections Considerations

Collections Considerations

Here are some pointers to help you evaluate your current collections process:

  • Are you asking your collections agency the right questions?
  • What steps are they following to make sure you stay compliant and your data stays secure?
  • How are they utilizing technology to maximize your recoveries?

Collections Facts

Read these staggering facts related to healthcare collections:

  • Healthcare providers recover less than 9% of every dollar of bad debt borne out of high deductible health plans.
  • Regulatory tides are constantly shifting. HHS Office for Civil Rights is becoming more aggressive in enforcing HIPAA regulations.
  • The digital world in which we live and work is a dangerous one. In 2016 alone, the average data breach cost $4 million.
Collections Facts
About TSI

About TSI

TSI is a market-leading provider of accounts receivable management and student loan servicing solutions. TSI‘s global operations are powered by proprietary algorithms and a best-in-class compliance management system. That’s why their clients include Fortune 100 corporations, national and regional healthcare providers, financial institutions, state and federal government organizations, educational institutions, and small and medium-sized businesses.

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