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    ClinicTracker Mobile

    ClinicTracker Mobile

    Because many of our customers work with consumers outside of the office, they need a connection to mobile electronic health records. We partnered with Canvas to provide ClinicTracker Mobile.

    Extended Mobile Reach

    With this technology you can enter and view ClinicTracker Connect data at any location using your mobile devices. ClinicTracker Mobile provides customized templates that capture, track, document, and integrate information using a Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. You can even complete paperwork when you’re offline! We can also develop new custom templates for you to record any type of service you provide and connect them to your EHR.

    • Fully-integrated to ClinicTracker EHR: View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly
    • Record appointments in the field or anywhere you have cell phone service
    • Work offline and upload responses when coverage becomes available
    • Record detailed appointment information and Progress Notes
    • Built-in patient signature capture
    • Custom application templates built to your requirements
    • Works with iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry (Standard/Storm), Windows Mobile, and Windows Netbooks
    ClinicTracker Mobile
    Countless Applications

    Countless Applications

    If outreach staff leave the office for a visit, they can still enter clinical information simply by opening the ClinicTracker Connect application on a mobile device. Using drop-down menus, check boxes, and text fields, they can enter the required information securely and even capture client signatures. It’s an ideal solution for:

    • Home care visits
    • Community-based support
    • Tracking pick-up/drop-offs for clients who require transportation
    • Jail system visits
    • Out-of-office interviews
    • Client signature capture for proof of service delivery
    • Record service details
    • Writing Progress Notes
    • Patient information look-up
    • Viewing a client’s schedule
    • Providing services in areas where you don’t want to bring a computer

    Abundant Benefits

    ClinicTracker Mobile eliminates costly paper forms and surveys. Replace them with mobile electronic health records with do-it-yourself Business Apps for your Smart Phone, PDA, netbook, tablet, or notebook. The method is powerful because it lets you:

    • Record services wherever they take place
    • Enter data on small devices via drop-down menus and check boxes
    • Capture client signatures
    • Work in offline mode when coverage is unavailable
    • Use HIPAA-compliant security procedures
    • View patient appointment history, medication history, and demographic information instantly through full integration with ClinicTracker Connect EHR
    Abundant Benefits

    For more information about our offering on Canvas, click here.

    List of Supported Devices
    GoCanvas runs on a variety of smartphones, barcode scanners, tablets and netbooks. To download GoCanvas on your device browse (on your device) to


    Our supported systems include:

    Android Smartphones and Tablets

    GoCanvas supports Android devices running Android 8.0 and higher.


    GoCanvas supports 64-bit iPhones (5S and above), iPads (5 and above), and iPod Touch (6th generation) devices running iOS version 12 and higher.

    Windows Desktop Devices including Windows Tablets

    GoCanvas supports Windows desktops running 8 or higher. In addition, GoCanvas supports tablets running a Windows Pro version of Windows.

    Note: Windows RT is no longer supported.

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