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Insurance Claim Processing


Insurance Claim Processing

Staff who use BillingTracker can’t get over how much easier the program has made their jobs. They appreciate even more that it has helped them significantly increase revenue. What makes BillingTracker so valuable to back office professionals is its full integration with the clinical side of the software. Unifying clinical and financial operations means no duplicate data entry, no excuses for clinicians to be unaware of a client’s billing status, no processing claims for encounters without a progress note, and no wasted effort.

Managing Billing process

Maximize Efficiency

Without smart financial software by your side, processing claims can be a nightmare. With all of the rules, regulations, and payor requirements, it’s a very complicated endeavor from beginning to end. BillingTracker makes that process infinitely more straightforward because it automates tedious tasks and handles every possible scenario with relative ease. And because it is fully integrated with the client’s clinical record, you’ll avoid redundancies and connect with the treatment team. With BillingTracker, you can:

  • Create a claim from a Clinical Appointment record instantly
  • Examine and modify every detail of the claim record
  • Adjust balance responsibilities over multiple payors at once
  • Set claims to bill using payor-specific methods
  • Configure fee schedules by payor, program, location, time of day, day of week, and more
  • Record patient copays or payments that cover one or more open claims
  • Enter bulk insurance payments covering multiple clients
  • Apply adjustments and automatically update remaining balance assignments
  • Maintain credit balances for any of your patients or payors
  • Process 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from your payors and auto-post to patient accounts
  • Generate collection letters at user-specified intervals using multiple letter templates

Flexible Features and Functionality

Built-in support for:

  • Electronic Claims (837 Professional and 837 Institutional)
  • CMS-1500
  • UB-04
  • Insurer Statements
  • Patient Statements
  • Collection Letters
  • Enforcing restrictions on data entering the billing system (e.g., require a signed progress note before generating a claim)
  • Automatically applying modifiers based on your specified rules
  • Systematically applying reduced fee schedules according to patient income and family size guidelines
  • Configuring payor-specific fee schedules in accordance with contractual obligation
  • Submitting claims directly to a payor or through a clearinghouse

White Glove Billing Services

Optional White Glove Billing Services are provided through one of our billing partners. That way, clients can select from a variety of services, including claim submission, denial research, client statements, payroll calculation, and more.

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