Need to Talk to Someone? Call 800.884.8182 or Contact Us

Need to Talk to Someone? Call 800.884.8182 or Contact Us

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Our proprietary messaging system keeps everyone secure and in the cloud.

Realtime Clinic Chat

Real-Time Chat: ClinicChat

Collaboration is essential to providing quality patient care. ClinicChat lets your staff communicate through a secure, internal protocol that’s like regular instant messaging but more protected. Everyone within your organization can chat with one another or set an away message when busy. You’ll be confident knowing that these chats are handled securely, the way all communications are handled within ClinicTracker.

Real-Time Chat: ClinicChat
Internal Team Messaging

Internal Team Messaging

There’s no need to worry about friends and relatives trying to connect with you at work, as ClinicChat is for clinic coworkers and no one else.

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We’d be happy to demonstrate how secure chat and other features of our software can help make your facility more efficient, organized, compliant and profitable.