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ClinicTracker Billing

Billing Resources Available in ClinicTracke

Billing Resources Available in ClinicTracker

Helping your patients is your life’s work, and it’s more important than anything else. But if you can’t keep the doors open, you can’t help anyone. And you need to get paid for your service to do so.

That’s where ClinicTracker’s suite of financial tools comes in.  From the moment the client is entered into the ClinicTracker system, everything required for processing payments is taken care of. All you’ll need to do is check your bank account, because everything else is handled.

clinical treatment billing solution software
BillingTracker clinical treatment billing solution software

Manage Your Clinic’s Finances Better with BillingTracker

Managing a clinic or agency is a big responsibility. Paying for it all is an even bigger one. The smallest mistake can create the biggest problems. That’s why we created BillingTracker.

BillingTracker integrates with the rest of the ClinicTracker solution to create a continuous flow of information, from the first registration to the bill being paid from a variety of sources. No errors, no problems, let the computers talk to each other and take care of everything.

With Integrated Claims Processing, HIPAA-Compliant Claim Submissions, Pre-stored reports that accelerate the Accounts Receivable process and a seamless integrated payment system, BillingTracker looks after the mundane tasks that usually end up causing big headaches.

Or Let ClinicTracker Look After Your Billing For You.

If you think BillingTracker sounds good, wait until to hear about our Billing Service! Imagine if someone just gave you money for the work you do, you didn’t have to issue invoices, submit insurance claims or chase down payments. All you needed to do was check the bank balance occasionally.

Sounds a lot like our Billing Service.

Think of it as outsourcing the whole accounting function. We’ll conduct an audit and determine the best way to proceed that works for your specific facility. With the dozens of clients we have done this for, we have a pretty good idea what works, and what doesn’t. And you can sleep well at night not having to worry about the finances.

outsource accounting for clinic with BillingService clinical treatment billing solution
ClinicTracker billing features

The ClinicTracker Suite of Billing Services includes:

Clearinghouse Partnership
Credit Card Processing
Accounting Integration
Insurance Eligibility Verification
Billing Service
Patient Statement Service
Collections Service
Payroll Management
Financial Reporting

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There’s an easier way to keep track of your invoices and receivables – let us do it for you! Look through the following pages for more information, or get in touch and we’ll walk you thought it.