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How to Simplify Electronic Health Records Management in Behavioral Healthcare

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There’s no shortage of advantages tied to electronic health records (EHRs) — more efficient patient care, increased record accuracy, and enhanced security for patient information, to name a few. But electronic health records management is not without struggle for health professionals.

Sure, there are software solutions out there designed to streamline the management of electronic health records. But as we’ll see, many EHR systems can actually make electronic health records management more difficult. This is especially true in the case of behavioral healthcare, which has its own unique workflows and processes to follow.

The Common Gripes With Behavioral Health EHR Software

It’s true that many behavioral health facilities still rely on paper health records to manage a patient’s medical history, with only six percent of behavioral health providers using EHR software. If you’re wondering what’s behind these low EHR system adoption rates, look no further than the frustrations of current behavioral health EHR software users. It helps paint a picture of why there’s pushback.

In a KLAS research report, the majority of interviewed customers using a behavioral health EHR system vendor reported high dissatisfaction with the overall product. The reasons for this dissatisfaction varied by individual product, but some themes emerged:

  • Difficulties integrating the EHR software with third-party systems
  • A lack of workflows and functionality specific to behavioral health
  • An inadequate EHR software implementation experience
  • Inability to provide timely and responsive support to address questions/concerns

An electronic health record specialist experiences stress in electronic health records management as they perform health record tasks and try to access health record information

What It Takes to Truly Simplify EHR Management in Behavioral Healthcare

As Christopher Jason of EHR Intelligence notes, “Behavioral health issues are an underfunded and overlooked area of the healthcare industry, forcing the need for more comprehensive software solutions.”

While there’s no universal checklist for what a behavioral health EHR software should bring to the table, some key features take electronic health records management from a burden to an asset:

    • Flexible deployment: Have the option to deploy EHR software in the cloud or install it locally on your network.
    • Customizable workflows: Tie all clinical documents together in a well-ordered workflow that is tailored to your behavioral health practice and staff needs.
    • Easy-to-access data and reports: Get instant access to any questions you have about patient intake information, payment history, missed appointments, and more.
    • Built-in integration: Enjoy seamless integration from respected partners in accounting software, telehealth communications, MIPS reporting, appointment reminders, eligibility verification, Wiley Treatment Planners, Clearinghouse, and more.
    • Reliable support team: Have direct access to both a deep inventory of online resources, as well as a highly-trained and dedicated team of experts that understand your unique situation, and can answer your questions in minutes.

An electronic health record specialist is satisfied with how the practice can handle electronic health records management and electronic medical record management via the EHR system at their medical facility

ClinicTracker EHR Software Hits All the Marks

We’ve heard firsthand from our customers how EHR software can actually be a barrier to clinicians in providing quality care. And it’s understandable — behavioral health is a field with complex requirements, and not all EHR software can always capture the various nuances of individual behavioral health practices.

With ClinicTracker, it’s a different story. Our EHR software was designed specifically for behavioral health professionals, with a track record of making major positive impacts within a variety of behavioral health practices across the United States. From the deployment of our system to the establishment of workflows, you can tailor the ClinicTracker experience to meet your agency’s unique needs. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having valuable pre-stored reports at your fingertips and benefit from all the functionality both built directly in our system and integrated with others. What’s more, our customers have awarded us a 100% satisfaction rating for support — a nod to the fact that we’re more than a software company, but rather a partner to behavioral health practices.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current EHR or ready to move away from paper methods, ClinicTracker is here to help optimize your management of electronic health records and electronic medical records and partner with you to better serve your patients. Contact us for a no-cost consultation.