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With extensive EHR experience, we summarize the issues facing many organizations and the solutions to resolve them.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Managing the Challenges of a Children’s Behavioral Healthcare Practice

Clinic directors nationwide are struggling to cope with unprecedented funding cuts. Demands to see more clients with fewer resources mount daily. How can your services survive against what can seem like insurmountable odds?

The answer, or at least a big part of it, can be found in changes you can implement based on data about your clinic operation. Improving efficiency has to be based on solid information, not on a consultant’s fixed notions about what practices will optimize productivity. Data-driven decisions about how to manage your operations offer the best hope for meaningful changes. Click here to learn about how tracking data can improve how your clinic functions.


Quality Indicators: Real-time Tracking of Missed Appointment Rates

Tracking missed appointments provides clinic directors with a powerful tool for monitoring patient and staff progress. Every no-show represents a client who is not receiving services and a highly-paid clinician unable to generate income. And the rate of missed appointments is remarkably high nationwide, often estimated at between 25 and 30 percent of all scheduled appointments. Often a missed appointment reflects flaws in a treatment plan or the need to address patient motivation for care. Missed appointments reduce effective case management, clinical efficiency, staff morale, and resource utilization.


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