Give your patients access to a useful patient portal with ClinicTracker EHR

Patient Portal

Many of your clients have come to expect online access to their medical record, appointment schedule, and billing information. It's a reality of how the patient-practice relationship has evolved recently, with ample encouragement from the government via HIPAA and the Meaningful Use Program.

ClinicTracker's Patient Portal is designed to make it easy for your clients to interact with you and your agency securely over the web. Gone are the days when the only way someone could inquire about upcoming appointments, prescription refills, or billing information was by telephone. Now you can show your patients a more private and efficient way to communicate. You also can help them feel a greater sense of control over their treatment.

When clients log into their Portal, they have round-the-clock access to information they're entitled to and can use to better manage their engagement with your agency. Through the Patient Portal, they can:

  • Review/edit demographic and insurance information
  • Access significant parts of their medical chart, including the appointment history, medications list, allergy information, and lab results
  • View, confirm, or cancel upcoming appointments (learn more)
  • See their account status, specifically the balance due and payments pending from the insurance company
  • Complete forms requested by your staff
  • Pay bills online with a credit card and print or email a receipt for payment verification (learn more)
  • Send messages to members of the treatment team or support staff
  • Take advantage of educational resources a clinician can post on their site (learn more)
  • Generate a portable medical record to view, download, or distribute (learn more)

An enormous advantage to offering the Patient Portal comes in improving your agency's branding. Your clients will appreciate your dedication to making their lives easier and empowering them to take a degree of stewardship over their experience. You can even style the Portal with your own logo, color scheme, and contact information. It's a tangible way of upgrading your approach to client engagement.