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Why an Investment in EHR Software for Addiction Treatment Makes Sense

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Many addiction treatment centers still rely on manual processes to manage patient records. In an era of full digitalization and web-based platforms, it’s easy to see this and ask why?

For many treatment centers, it’s a matter of cost. The budget isn’t always there to invest in a new electronic health record (EHR) system, especially in smaller or underfunded mental health facilities.

But there are other factors that play into this decision to stick with the old school, too. Addiction treatment centers may hesitate to move over to an EHR software due to data security concerns. Fears over resistance to change or learning a new system from center staff can also have an impact.

All this goes to say, we understand why the move to electronic health records can seem daunting. But we want to shed light on the benefits that come with EHR software for addiction treatment — and how the right EHR provider can help make your EHR transition more seamless.

Benefits to Expect With an Addiction Treatment EHR Software

Streamlined Workflows

When a treatment center digitizes their health records, clinicians have a much easier time accessing patient information. With just a few clicks in an EHR, they can tap into a patient’s medical history, treatment plans, and prescription schedules. And when they meet with a patient, providers can make updates to progress notes and treatment plans in the system. Streamlined clinical and administrative workflows translate into less manual data entry and fewer risks to worry about.

Improved Treatment Planning

The easier it is for a patient’s care team to collaborate, the more dynamic treatment planning becomes. With an EHR system, healthcare professionals can collaborate in real time to develop and update a patient’s care plan. If a patient’s progress stalls in their recovery journey, treatment plans can be quickly modified. Patient data within the EHR system can help care teams assess which interventions have been successful in the past — information they can then use to make decisions around future treatment plans.

a behavioral health professional uses electronic health records software to monitor and support effective treatment plans for an addiction treatment patient

Faster Reimbursements

Reimbursements are already a sticking point in behavioral health, with healthcare providers only receiving 76.2 cents for every dollar that primary care physicians get from insurance companies. This makes it even more vital for addiction treatment centers to expedite the billing cycle so they can keep their doors open and continue delivering care. EHR software supports these efforts. With claims automatically generated and submitted, administrators save time spent manually preparing and mailing paper claims. An EHR system also streamlines coding and documentation to reduce the risk of claim denials and delays.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Behavioral health facilities are always on the lookout for ways to improve the patient experience. One of the best ways to do that is with patient portals, a typical feature in EHR systems. Beyond enabling patients to schedule appointments and make payments online, the portal allows patients to access their treatment plans and progress notes and communicate directly with their provider. All these factors help patients be a more active participant in their treatment care plan, which can in turn lead to better outcomes.

patients at an addiction treatment center shows signs of improved engagement with the support of patient portals that help them play a bigger role in their care plan

Addiction Treatment Is One of ClinicTracker’s Specialty Areas

When it comes to EHR software for addiction treatment, rigid, out-of-the-box systems won’t do. You need an EHR system flexible enough to handle individualized, evolving processes. That’s exactly what you’ll find with ClinicTracker’s integrated solution.

With 23 years of experience supporting substance abuse treatment centers, alongside a variety of other behavioral health specialties, we’ve developed an easy-to-learn practice management software that helps you work more efficiently and deliver the highest level of patient care. You'll have the means to customize clinical documentation, configure complex medical billing rules, and track lab work to support safe medication management, among other benefits.

Learn more about how our integrated practice management software can support the unique needs of your substance abuse treatment center. Schedule a consultation with us.