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We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. Read below to learn about our success stories.

"I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for you, your company, and your product. As you know, we began discussing the benefits of ClinicTracker over two years ago. My initial impression was that the product, while an incomparable value and extremely user friendly solution for a clinic setting, would not meet the needs of a school-based mental health practice. However, after reviewing and testing many other systems, it became clear that none offered ClinicTracker's versatility and potential for customization. As you know, we subsequently decided to work with you to develop a specialized version of ClinicTracker that fully meets our DMH data & billing requirements as well as the unique constellation of our clinical services. The resulting system has been extraordinarily successful. ClinicTracker's ability to provide clinical data tracking, quality improvement resources, and business management resources with significantly reduced clerical staffing has positively impacted our bottom line. The system has also been remarkably reliable even though we require rapid retrieval of large data files from multiple locations. The ability of our staff to access data in a HIPAA compliant fashion from remote sites 24/7/365 is nothing short of amazing. Your ability to identify, select, and coordinate server hosting and billing services support in a seamless system that all of our staff has embraced is truly exceptional. You have also helped us develop and customize reports for School Based Service Delivery with prompt and cost sensitive solutions. This combined with your prompt service response commitment has resulted in a superior product delivered by a superior company headed by a singularly responsible and responsive leadership team. No one in the field does it better!"
"Appreciate the fast response to my questions."
"Resolved the issue quickly and efficiently."
"My issue was addressed in a timely fashion and communication with CT staff was incredibly smooth and efficient!"
"We have been using ClinicTracker for a number of years in our outpatient clinic. We have also contracted to implement ClinicTracker in our crisis service and our inpatient programs as well. Their support has been wonderful and each member of their team is positive and solution-focused. We are really pleased with the product and the service."
"As a social worker in charge of an outpatient behavioral health service, I was in search of a user-friendly software program that would allow our team to maintain compliance with New York State regulations. I also wanted it to minimize the hassle and redundancy that are too much a part of everyday practice. We selected ClinicTracker because it seemed to offer the best chance of improving our compliance and overall efficiency. We made a good choice. ClinicTracker has proven to be a wonderful enhancement to our outpatient mental health clinical program. The program is easy to use and modifiable to fit the needs of a particular clinical service or cohort of patients. It allows both front line workers and administrators to track and trend demographic data, therapeutic outcomes, productivity, and other indices that formerly were either impossible to monitor or would require aggregating data from difference databases. The entire team of psychiatrists, social workers, support staff, and program leadership has been very pleased with the program. And, unlike many software programs, the technical support from Joshua Gordon and his team is quick and given in lay terms that we all understand. They answer questions and solve problems effectively."
"Just a note of thanks to you and your company for your dedication to ClinicTracker. It has been a year since the implementation of the program into our agency and I can say that it has improved our performance, quality of care, clinical oversight and so many other things. I appreciate your efforts to improve the program as you receive feedback. Most of all, I appreciate that it is affordable for small agencies like mine. There are many features we are still learning but that is normal with such a robust program like this. I look forward to this next year and what is to come with the changes you are making."
"I was trained in a “physical” medicine EMR (vs an EMR geared specifically towards behavioral health) and have found working with ClinicTracker is much easier and more user-friendly. The ability to create custom forms and reports is a huge advantage for our agency. The support team has been great. Even on requests that are quite out of the ordinary for the system, they have supplied detailed information on how to solve the issue. Sometimes the system just doesn't support some of the requests that come from our agency and the team is very good at kindly letting us know that the request isn't possible at that time. I really appreciate all the work everyone has done to help us get up and running successfully. Very quick response, received additional information and took care of the problem right away. Fabulous support as usual. Karen gives clear instruction and is easy to talk to. I really appreciate all the support I've received. Everyone has been very patient with all my questions. The usual fast response! You guys are fantastic! Additional Feedback on Individual Claim Review Webinar This was a great webinar. I appreciated the fact that Alycia moved through the training at a good pace with comments of referring to past webinars if a section she was working in was not as familiar to some users. Everything she covered was pertinent and timely to what I am working on currently. I enjoy participating in the webinars even when it is an area where I have attended a webinar previously as it seems I learn something new with each session. Thanks again and keep up the good work!"
"Great customer service - very responsive team and was able to solve my issue in a timely manner."
"Always there to help ASAP!"
"I appreciate the prompt responses and the help that I received!"
"We sure do appreciate all of your help during our implementation and the first couple of months onboard with Clinictracker. Thank you to all of your staff that has been so helpful."
"The Bridge Family Center is located in West Hartford CT and operates an outpatient psychiatric clinic for children. The Bridge received notice that the software company that owned the software for the clinic was going out of business. The Bridge reviewed numerous software packages in an effort to find a replacement for the software. ClinicTracker was selected for a number of reasons. First, all of our interactions with the staff at ClinicTracker were pleasant. ClinicTracker staff was very accommodating, supplying demos for different Bridge staff members. Demos were also set up to show particular portions of ClinicTracker to specific Bridge staff (i.e. BillingTracker to billing and financials staff, clinical portions of ClinicTracker to clinical staff). There was no hard sell attitude when dealing with ClinicTracker. Demos of ClinicTracker highlighted the system's ease of use. This was very attractive because our previous system was complicated and cumbersome to use. From the first demo of ClinicTracker Bridge staff thought it was a system they could quickly become familar with and begin to use. ClinicTracker was an affordable software option for The Bridge. Once ClinicTracker was selected the real work began. The Bridge required a very fast turnaround on implementation because our current software would no longer be available. ClinicTracker staff was awesome during implementation. In a one month time frame they had installed the software and imported Bridge data from our current vendor and mapped it into ClinicTracker. Imported data was reviewed the Bridge staff. ClinicTracker staff worked closely with Bridge staff to make sure everything looked correct and operated successfully. On March 31st ClinicTracker trained Bridge clinical staff. We were live on April 1! ClinicTracker continued to work with Bridge finance staff to set up electronic billing through our clearinghouse. At the end of the first week our test batches had been accepted at the clearinghouse. In the last two and half months ClinicTracker has made some requested tweaks, giving us an even more usable, compatible system for our business. I have never had such positive feedback from staff following the implementation of a new system as I did with ClinicTracker. All staff comments have been positive. ClinicTracker is easy to learn and easy to use. I literally have had staff say to me "I love this system". ClinicTracker staff continues to be supportive and very responsive to questions. I believe The Bridge could not have made a better software selection."
"Great customer service - very responsive team and was able to solve my issue in a timely manner."

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