How We're Different

You've been tasked with identifying a Behavioral Health EHR that suits your agency's needs. It’s an intimidating decision that involves choosing among a bewildering array of products. We're talking about large sums of money, countless claims, and the ever-present fear that a bad choice could have disastrous consequences.

Unfortunately, buyer's remorse has become an all too common experience for many administrators who have purchased EHRs. Once it comes time to start using those systems, they discover that the software just doesn’t work as advertised. And even if the EHR manages some tasks satisfactorily, it doesn't handle them efficiently and in a way that truly matches the agency’s workflow. For example, we’ve heard that managers are unable to:

  • Configure the system to meet HIPAA rules that require organizations to limit access to patient information (sometimes called chart segmentation or differential file access)
  • Avail themselves of sophisticated, pre-stored templates specifically designed for behavioral health/chemical dependency
  • Work with a program that integrates billing functions, a patient portal, appointment reminder call services, and external hardware such as signature tablets
  • Get the package to provide an accurate accounting of revenues across statements, reports, and on-screen displays
  • Rely on a US-based support team that understands their work environment and clientele
  • Implement a system that is so intuitive that staff have little problem adopting it

Why Choose ClinicTracker?

Think about it. Your best bet is to choose a behavioral health EHR program that has proven itself time and time again. No over-the-top promises, no phantom features, no hidden costs. Just a battle-tested solution that has performed flawlessly over the long haul in a broad range of environments. And it continuously evolves to meet new specifications and demands.

With more than seventeen years of experience in the behavioral healthcare marketplace supporting installations across the country, we have the expertise to help you successfully implement ClinicTracker for your agency. More than anything, you’ll succeed with ClinicTracker because a remarkable team of software engineers, support professionals, and clinicians supports it. When you need help, you get help. Period.

Adding new services and programs? Concerned about future program changes and regulatory compliance? We've got you covered with our built-in Compliance module. Customization is simple with our Custom Form Builder and Custom Report Builder. Anytime you need to adjust a form or a report, you can make that change without needing our help.

ClinicTracker Others
Knowledgeable front-line support staff that are empowered with the tools to address your questions quickly and properly Tiered levels of support
Support responses in minutes Support responses in hours or days
Software updates nearly every week, based on customer feedback and new feature additions Updates once a month, quarter, or year
Choose the deployment methodology that works for you: Cloud, or locally installed. Install on individual workstations or a centralized server Only cloud deployment
Created by a clinician/clinic administrator (supported by talented programmers) Created by programmers
Product direction determined completely by end-user requests and User Advisory Board feedback Product direction determined by a board of directors
Certified for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, enabling you to receive significant government incentives Lacking certifications
ICD-10 and DSM-5 Ready NOW Working on upgrading, waiting for final conversion dates to be established

The Advantages of a Hybrid System

ClinicTracker is a Windows-based solution you can install within your own network or access via our hosting service. However you configure the software, you can access it remotely with a PC, netbook, notebook, tablet, iPad, or Mac. And ClinicTracker integrates key components that are entirely web-based, making our hybrid solution ideal. We use the best combination of components to get the job done.

Because ClinicTracker runs in a desktop environment, it boasts many advantages over web-only applications. Most of those benefits stem from the superior set of tools our programmers can use to make the software do what you need it to do – quickly, securely, and reliably. Here are examples of what our software offers that purely web-based versions cannot match:

  • Efficient navigation between areas of the system and parts of the patient chart
  • Superior interface with external devices like scanners and signature tablets
  • Ability to have multiple forms open simultaneously
  • Fast movement from tab to tab
  • Preloading data to speed up access

Here's what you don’t have to worry about with desktop applications:

  • Unavailable web connections that prevent system access
  • Compatibility with multiple browser types
  • Unreliable internet connections that can result in lost data
  • Requirements for browser upgrades
  • Hacking that imperils your clinical data
  • Waiting for slow pages to load

You should also understand that some of ClinicTracker's components are indeed web-based and integrate with web-services:

  • ePrescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • Staff Portal
  • ClinicTracker Mobile
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Lab Integration

More focused functionality, customization you control, more behavioral healthcare experience, unparalleled support. That's what makes ClinicTracker different.