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Who We Serve: Mental Health Agencies

Our software is the Complete EHR Solution, handling all aspects of running a variety of agencies, clinics and other facilities.

mental health agency workers

No Matter Who You Help, We Can Help You

ClinicTracker software covers a wide spectrum of specialties in the clinical therapy, mental health, and prevention services industries. With over 20 years serving the aforementioned industries, we have become the go-to mental health EHR for the following specialties.

software solution for Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling

Providing quality and timely advising services for students seeking academic counseling is an essential part of your daily mission…

mental health clinic management software

Mental Health Clinics

If you made a wish list of mental health EHR/clinic management features for your operation, you’d have a…

software solutions for Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Gone are the days when you could manage a substance abuse program without…

mental health EHR solution for Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Your clients move from service to service throughout the day. Their morning plan might involve group and individual…

software solution for managing University Clinics

University Clinics

Running a clinic can be a challenge all on its own. Add a training component and you reach a whole new level of complexity. Because ClinicTracker grew out of an academic environment…

mental health EHR for managing Social Service Agencies

Social Service Agencies

Many of your staff work in the community – visiting homes, schools, jails, and other facilities. They can’t…

software for managing foster care agency mental health EHR

Foster Care Agencies

Foster care agencies can use ClinicTracker EHR to manage all the intricacies involved with maintaining a foster child’s…

mental health EHR for managing Animal Assisted Psychotherapy practices

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy

Although your profession goes by many names (equine assisted psychotherapy…

mental health EHR for management of eating disorder

Eating Disorders

Treatment for an eating disorder can become a very involved process that requires an EHR to assist you…

software for managing Family Counseling practice

Family Counseling

ClinicTracker is an excellent tool for improving clinical outcomes of family counseling services. You spend your day counseling…

EHR system for managing Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers continuously need to revise treatment approaches…

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