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slide2Many electronic health record (EHR) systems on the market offer only limited features. Some just manage schedules and clinical notes. Others need to link to other software systems for billing, managing clinical workflows, administering outcome measures, writing treatment plans, and document management.

Is it okay that most systems "outsource" many of their primary functions?

Absolutely Not! We created ClinicTracker so that hospital clinics, mental health agencies, behavioral health organizations, and chemical/addiction centers could manage their entire practice using one system. We have more features than ANY behavioral health EHR on the market, nearly all of which are integrated directly within our software. Take a look at our features page to learn more.

What does full integration mean for your practice?

Cost and time savings. With everything you need housed under one digital roof, you don’t have to pay for multiple software applications to run your agency. You have a plethora of features gathered within one system: managing document workflow, tracking compliance for staff members and patients, scheduling appointments, collecting revenue, recording clinical outcome measures for evidenced based treatment, making sure your staff are paid promptly, and much, much more.

Can you afford such a powerful system?

Yes, without a doubt. Behavioral health is our passion. We are affordable, robust, and have a 100% satisfaction rating for our customer support. Remember that cheap EHR solutions end up costing you more in the long run with staff upset, a crippled workflow, and your claims stuck in an irretrievable black hole. With ClinicTracker, you won’t have to worry about these pitfalls and can recoup your investment quickly.

As our clients will tell you, ClinicTracker is the better way:

“What do we like? That your technical support is world-class and that you are so willing and quick about making upgrades to the system.”
Family Counseling Services – Cortland, NY

“Although we’re just implementing ClinicTracker, our clinicians have already praised your team for being so supportive. Thank you so much for your attention to customer service.”
OSLC Community Programs – Eugene, OR

“Our staff dreaded changing over to an electronic record. They soon discovered that ClinicTracker made their work easier, not harder.”
The Family & Children’s Society – Binghamton, NY

Check out a demo video to see why ClinicTracker is the better way.

Can your EHR do this?