ClinicTracker EHR has outlook-style, customizable scheduling which is great for collaborating especially if you have multiple locations.


  • Navigate directly from a client's scheduled appointment to forms for entering progress notes/diagnosis

    Conflict checking prevents double booking and non-reimbursable appointments

    Integrations with Google Maps and our Appointment Reminder Call Service deliver even more value
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ClinicTracker's high-powered Scheduler has all the functionality of a Microsoft Outlook-type scheduling solution, but with far more features tailored to the nuances of a clinical setting. Having the Scheduler tied into an all-encompassing practice management and billing system means that all the information flows from one part of the system to another. Point to a scheduled event and begin documenting the appointment and writing your progress note. No need to re-enter any information about the patient, date, time, clinician, or service code. An integrated solution lets you select a scheduled patient and gain access to contact information, open balances, payor mix, and the full range of clinical information.

With ClinicTracker's Scheduler you can:

  • Manage schedules for staff, patients, rooms, and groups
  • View multiple schedules side-by-side
  • Receive pop-up alerts on-screen when your patient is checked in
  • Grant specific users read-only or full access to your schedule
  • Use advanced recurrences (e.g., every third Thursday)
  • Use the Find Available Appointment feature to locate open time slots for other users
  • Use color-coding to distinguish different event types
  • Customize your settings and create multiple favorite views that you can retrieve on-demand
  • Manage a check-in sheet that shows which patients are in your office at any given time
  • Track travel time and distance

Conflict Checking

One of the many powerful features of the Scheduler is its ability to check for appointment conflicts:

  • Prevents/warns against double-booking staff
  • Prevents/warns against double-booking an office location 
  • Prevents/warns against double-booking a patient or even having multiple appointments with the same service code for the same day (which might make one of the appointments non-reimbursable)
  • Warns if you schedule an event outside the hours set for the staff member or the agency as a whole

The system displays a fully-detailed warning if it detects a conflict. You can then decide whether to go ahead with scheduling the event or explore other options. 


The Scheduler works seamlessly with two software solutions: