ClinicTracker helps you increase revenue and efficiency with automated appointment reminder feature.

Automated Appointment Reminders

  • With the push of a phone button, patients can confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment

    Increase revenue by reducing the no-show rate

    Fully-integrated with the Patient Portal for online appointment management
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ClinicTracker offers a service that automatically reminds your patients about scheduled appointments by phone and/or text message. Fully integrated with the Scheduler, the system generates reminder messages without requiring any effort on the part of your staff. Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments by the single press of a phone button or through the ClinicTracker Patient Portal. This service makes viewing and responding to each reminder simple and efficient.

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

With Automated Appointment Reminders, your staff can increase office productivity by:

  • Reducing the no-show rate
  • Tracking canceled appointments in real-time
  • Filling canceled or missed appointments more quickly
  • Spending more time on important communications that can't be automated
  • Ensuring patients do not forget to attend or reschedule their appointments
  • Adding a personal touch by reaching out to your patients

Generating Reminder Messages

This messaging service reminds patients either by phone, SMS, or both based on parameters you pre-configure. For example, you can set how many days prior to an appointment you want the patient notified. You can also tell the system the time of day you want it to begin and end sending messages. Once one of your staff adds a new appointment to the Scheduler, the automated service generates a list of patients to contact. At the appropriate time, it communicates with the patient about the upcoming appointment. For the phone option, the system will leave a message if no one answers. You also have the option of placing calls or sending an SMS manually. Patients can opt to be placed on a Do-Not-Contact list, or you can create specific groups or event types that never generate a reminder.

New! Send Text and Voice Reminders in Spanish and Vietnamese. Communicate with your clients based on the Preferred Language on their Demographics Form. If your clinic is interested in supporting languages beyond English, Spanish and Vietnamese, please let us know.

Integration with the Patient Portal

One of the many benefits of ClinicTracker is that all patient information is integrated throughout the system. We've taken the next step by incorporating Automated Appointment Reminders into our Patient Portal. Now patients can go online to confirm, cancel, or request a new appointment time. It's another way that we’re helping you improve patients' experience with your office.

Pricing and Setup

Implementing this feature only requires that your staff view a brief training video. And the service is inexpensive - just a small monthly charge based on the number of reminder messages that you place. In most instances, it can pay for itself by eliminating even one no-show. Your practice will become more efficient because it frees your office staff to spend more time on patient retention and acquisition.