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ClinicTracker EMR

ClinicTracker EHR makes it easy to perform online appointment management.

Online Appointment Management

  • Clients can manage upcoming appointments through the Patient Portal

    Single-click appointment confirmation/cancellation

    Client's portal activities are logged immediately into the ClinicTracker Scheduler
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ClinicTracker is designed to streamline and integrate every aspect of appointment management. Between a high-powered Scheduler and the Appointment Reminder Service, you'll always know you have complete control over the process. Now add to those tools the ability for your clients to manage their appointments online (through the Patient Portal), and you've gained yet another way to make sure appointments happen as scheduled. Clients don't need to call your office to ask about upcoming appointments, as they can just check online whenever it's convenient for them. This both empowers the patient with access to important information and reduces the call volume at your agency.

By navigating to the My Schedule section of the Patient Portal, clients can see their upcoming scheduled appointments. If the appointment is within a certain (configurable) number of days, they can click a link to confirm or cancel their appointment. Whatever actions they take are logged immediately into ClinicTracker's Scheduler.

Research has demonstrated that providing clients with this type of access to chart information decreases a clinic's no-show rate. ClinicTracker paves the way for you to implement a system that offers everyone access to critical information when they need it.

Update: Patients can even schedule their own appointments through the Patient Portal. Click here for more information.