ClinicTracker EHR has an executive dashboard that allows executives/decision makers to see overview reports of their entire operations.

Executive Dashboard

  • Instant views of key performance indicators

    Set targets and track measurable goals that impact your bottom line!

    Export charts for board presentations
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You rarely have time to sift through pages of reports to understand how your organization is performing. With ClinicTracker's Executive Dashboard, you have at-a-glance views of your entire operation. Tell the system which performance metrics you want to follow and the system will provide continuously updated graphs for each one. Want instant views of your accounts receivable over the course of the past eight weeks not including weekends? No problem. Need to export those graphs so you can present them to a board meeting? Just click a button. 

ClinicTracker Executive Dashboard

Standard Metrics

The system comes with these pre-defined metrics. Plus, we can even add custom metrics for you upon request:

  • Intakes
  • Admissions
  • Discharges
  • Billing Generated
  • Payments Received (All)
  • Payments Received (Insurance)
  • Payments Received (Patient)
  • Kept Appointments
  • Kept Appointment Rate
  • Program Usage