ClinicTracker EHR Patient Portal Scheduling

Patient Portal Scheduling

  • Save hours of time each week by allowing patients to schedule their appointments online.

    A fully integrated system ensures that your clinic schedule updates immediately and relevant staff are notified

    Patients can confirm appointments online, ensuring lower no-show rates and increased profits
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patient portal scheduling icon ClinicTracker's Patient Portal now offers online appointment scheduling. This feature allows patients to search your clinic's schedule for available appointments via the web. This productivity tool is fully integrated into ClinicTracker. It will save you time and money by minimizing calls and missed appointments.

When patients log into their account, they can see all upcoming appointments under the My Schedule tab. Clients can then confirm current appointments, cancel upcoming appointments, search for new appointment availability, and choose their Reminder Call preferences. 

This powerful online scheduler lets clients search for new appointments by location, clinician, service, date, and time. Clients can see available appointments in real time and select them based on their scheduling needs and preferences. Once they select the appointment time, the system automatically sends a notification to the clinician and the appropriate members of your scheduling team. It's as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

Take a look at the video below to see how Patient Portal Scheduling can work for you.