ClinicTracker EHR allows you to automate insurance eligibility verification and check almost instantly online via partnership with Trizetto.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Batch process eligibility requests based on scheduled appointments

    Request insurance eligibility information for an individual or a patient group

    Ensure proper coverage prior to service delivery
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Authenticating insurance coverage and checking eligibility are routine but tedious elements of your billing workflow. Insurance eligibility verification is easy with ClinicTracker because it automates the entire process. The process is fully integrated with the ClinicTracker Intake form, that way your staff can instantly confirm the validity of a patient's insurance.

With this user-friendly service, you have various options for checking eligibility requests:

  • A totally automated system process will verify eligibility for all appointments scheduled within a designated time span. It will process the entire batch overnight so you can review the results when you come in the next morning
  • Enter a date range and the service types you want to verify. You'll get instant responses for all patients who match those criteria
  • Select an individual patient to verify eligibility
  • The system saves all prior results; that means you can look up information about a patient's plan, coverage, deductibles, and more.

Instant Benefits

Insurance Eligibility Verification increases office staff productivity by:

  • Minimizing lengthy calls to insurance providers
  • Addressing insurance questions prior to appointments
  • Exploring alternative payment methods for uninsured patients before they incur charges
  • Simplifying insurance verification for walk-in patients or last minute appointments

The ClinicTracker Connect Insurance Eligibility Service eliminates the hassle of calling insurance companies for verification. This solution ensures faster payments, reduces wasted staff time, and guarantees that your patients will have a better experience with your office. For a small per transaction fee, this innovative service is affordable for any-sized agency.