ClinicTracker EHR has an exciting new feature for Mental Health practices called Compliance Builder.

Workflow Builder

  • Stop worrying if your agency will pass the next audit/site visit

    Your staff will always know when documentation is due (or overdue)

    You write the workflow rules, ClinicTracker manages the rest
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Along with Form Builder and Report Builder, the Workflow Builder is designed to help you customize ClinicTracker. Imagine being able to tell the software exactly what should happen when someone calls for an intake, or has been a patient in the clinic for 90 days, or has been admitted to one of your subspecialty programs, or is about to be discharged. With Workflow Builder, you can implement and track routines for everything that transpires during the course of a patient’s treatment.

Nobody has to guess what paperwork is due, which forms they should complete, or who is responsible for documenting clinical events. You write all the rules into ClinicTracker using the Workflow Builder and the system orchestrates the rest. Supervisors or QA/UR staff can always monitor the extent to which staff are in compliance with the requirements you’ve established.

Workflow Builder: How does it work?

Let's say that you want the system to implement these four rules:

  1. Alert the clinician assigned to the case that an initial treatment plan is due 30 days after the switch from intake to patient (and send a reminder in case it’s not completed 5 days before the due date)
  2. Advise the intake clinician to complete an admission summary within 14 days of the switch from intake to patient (and that an additional reminder should go out 2 days prior)
  3. Notify any member of the front-desk staff that the billing sheet (a form you created using Form Builder) is due within 2 days
  4. Direct your billing staff to call the insurance company to obtain an authorization

Compliance Builder Example

Those four rules, along with the Trigger Event (in this case marking the intake as a patient), comprise a Ruleset that establishes a workflow for what happens when a patient is admitted. You would work toward establishing a series of Rulesets based on other Trigger Events that might arise. Maybe the next Ruleset to create would address what should unfold if a patient is injured at your office, or if a patient is discharged. Workflow Builder helps you encode workflows for every essential function of your agency.

Once you’ve instructed ClinicTracker what rules to follow when it detects a Trigger Event, the system stands ready to implement the workflow. It issues Workflow Items for the staff to complete. In our example, it will send the notifications at different “warning intervals" to the provider, the intake clinician, the front-desk staff, and the billing department. It becomes the responsibility of these recipients to complete those Workflow Items on time.