ClinicTracker EHR has a powerful report builder tool. You can even get reports from customized reports tailored to your needs.

Report Builder

  • Enhanced reporting ability: Build reports based on current templates or the custom forms you create

    Easy to use: Even non-technical users can create a sophisticated report

    Improved decision making: Instant access to the data you need to make informed decisions
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The ClinicTracker Report Builder gives you complete control over the content and design of a report - without a programmer's assistance.

Enhance Your Agency's Reporting Ability

Although ClinicTracker boasts hundreds of pre-defined reports, at times you'll want to design one to your exact specifications. With other systems, your only option is to make do with the available options, or hire programmers to design a report as part of a costly development project. Now anyone can create and customize a report in minutes. Build reports based on current templates that come with ClinicTracker or any forms created with our Custom Form Builder utility.

With Report Builder You Can:

  1. Select the type of information to display (e.g., appointment information, intake information, payment history)
  2. Identify and label the data fields for presentation
  3. Format the elements of the report by using a palette of fonts, colors, and more
  4. Access advanced options for:
    • Selection Expert: Filter for only the data you want displayed
    • Run-Time Parameters: Allow for customization of the report at the moment when it is run, allowing for on-demand manipulation of the data
    • Sorting: Order the report based on requirements
    • Sub-Reports: Capture complex relationships between related entities
    • Grouping: Group by an unlimited number of elements to produce summary information
    • Formula Builder: Create complex formulas based on any data element in the system
    • Report Auto-Formatting: One-click feature to produce clean and consistent report layout
    • Running Totals: A summary operation that is continually adjusted to take account of items as they are added
  5. Store the report in one of several categories, such as Patient, Administrative, Staff, or Maintenance
  6. Choose who has permission to view the reports you create
  7. Distribute clinic-wide or staff-specific versions of reports
  8. Access and view the report as you would any other ClinicTracker report
  9. Export reports into formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and CSV files

Report Builder gives you instant answers to any question you have about your agency.