ClinicTracker EHR has a powerful form builder that you can create custom forms even from existing ones.

Form Builder

  • Simple transition to a paperless environment: Create digital versions of paper forms you now use to capture clinic information

    Excellent Return on Investment: Eliminate the cost and hassle of paper forms

    Improved data collection/reporting: All the forms you create are fully integrated into ClinicTracker's data management system
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Creating and managing forms for your practice can be a daunting task. Relying on programmers to digitize your paper forms is time consuming and pre-stored templates don’t always gather the information you need. Those problems are now a thing of the past thanks to ClinicTracker's Custom Form Builder.

Simple Transition to Paperless

Managing paper forms is a headache for everyone in your clinic. They are cumbersome to update, file, track, secure, mail, and audit. But the thought of converting dozens of forms into a digital format is enough to intimidate anyone who is considering purchase of an electronic medical record. 

The Custom Form Builder makes the changeover to an EMR pain-free. If you have forms different from those in ClinicTracker Connect's inventory of templates, you can easily use the Custom Form Builder to create digital versions that capture whatever patient or program information you need. You can even embed a custom form in existing pre-stored forms and include digital signatures from clients and staff. 

Form Builder Lets You:

  • Replicate any paper document in a digital format
  • Create templated documents that you can use to collect client input and digital signatures
  • Link any form to the Patient record for instant access and data tracking
  • Simplify form development by allowing you to modify existing system templates
  • Create your own drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, text fields, date-pickers, and more
  • Capture multiple staff and patient signatures
  • Print any form you create with a built-in Word integration
  • Access and store created forms as you would any other form in the system
  • Enhance your ClinicTracker investment by adding customized forms to support any new program or service
  • Embed navigation links to related forms
  • Reference data from other areas of the system

Return on Investment

This comprehensive tool delivers value to your agency because it:

  • Eliminates the cost and hassle of paper forms
  • Makes searching for and misfiling paper case folders a thing of the past
  • Minimizes security concerns around accessing client information
  • Maximizes efficiency by including all data collection forms in one system
  • Streamlines workflows by creating linked forms
  • Simplifies the transition to paperless records by using templates that are familiar to your staff
  • Cuts data entry time by loading information from one form to another
  • Easily access historical records
  • Automatically load and update a patient's latest diagnosis

Improved Data Collection and Reporting

Not only does the Custom Form Builder improve efficiency while collecting data, it is also fully integrated with the ClinicTracker Custom Report Builder to deliver instant analysis of any data you've captured with your custom forms. It's as simple as selecting the fields you want to display and placing them on the reporting canvas. You can run ad-hoc reports, or save them for future access by any of your staff, through ClinicTracker Connect's Standard Reporting module. It's another way that ClinicTracker Connect helps solve your form and report issues with easy to use utilities.