ClinicTracker EHR has signature capture features via Topaz Systems.

Signature Routing

  • Streamlined Workflow: Send signature requests with a single click

    Improved Efficiency: Direct navigation links make it simple to identify the paperwork that needs to be reviewed/signed

    Enhanced Organization: Track your signature requests directly within the internal messaging system
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ClinicTracker Connect eases the process of reviewing and countersigning documentation. If you need a supervisor's signature on a form you've completed, simply click a button that sends a link and optional message. The supervisor will see the notification in the messaging system, click the link to review the paperwork, sign off, and press another button to send you an acknowledgment notification.

No more passing around a paper file, leaving notes in a supervisor’s mailbox, or wondering what happened to a report you've written. All that hassle goes away with ClinicTracker's signature routing system. And so does worrying about whether all the forms that require signatures will pass regulatory scrutiny.