ClinicTracker EHR has patient portal messaging capabilities between doctor and patient.

Patient Portal Messaging

  • Modern Client-Office Communications: Interact through a secure messaging system

    Total Integration: Compose and receive client messages on the same system you use for other messaging

    Client Engagement: Empower consumers with controlled digital access to the treatment team
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We integrated the Unified Messaging System and the Patient Portal to create a method for clients and staff to communicate securely and efficiently.

Modern Client-Office Communication

Digital communications have slowly found their way into patient-therapist interactions, at least when it comes to managing appointment logistics and billing questions. ClinicTracker's Patient Portal, in conjunction with the internal messaging system, establish a pathway for clients and staff to interact securely over the web. The time savings for all involved are substantial. 

Total Integration

Receive all the benefits of a fully-integrated system:

  • Compose a message to a client using the same interface you use to communicate with your colleagues
  • Receive messages within the unified messaging system
  • Select a patient name the same way you would to record an appointment - no need to store or remember email addresses
  • Choose a client and the system will automatically display any authorized representative that can receive the message

Client Engagement

Clients receive an email letting them know they have a message on the Patient Portal. They then log in to securely view the message. They also have the option of creating new messages that either go to a particular member of the staff or a pre-configured list of staff members.