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Struggling to manage claims processing and patient billing? Confused by intricate mental health, Workers Comp, or substance abuse billing requirements? Thinking about outsourcing the entire mess?

ClinicTracker’s Billing Service for mental health and substance abuse agencies could be the answer to your billing woes. We can save you time, money, and all the hassle involved in submitting claims and chasing reimbursement. Choose our service so you can make this chronic administrative headache fade away. We have the expertise and software to make it happen – and smoothly.

How Does Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Service Work?

  • First, we conduct an exhaustive review of your current system with an eye toward developing a fully accountable and effective billing process going forward. One of our billing experts will work with you to configure our software so that, at every turn, it submits claims insurance companies are likely to accept.
  • Next, we develop a strategy for handling claim rejections so that they are remedied as quickly as possible (we're talented at identifying errors and rectifying them.
  • From that point on, we assume the responsibility for your revenue cycle management tasks, including patient account billing and claim submissions, handling denials, managing claim tracking, and ensuring billing compliance. Our sophisticated on-demand reporting features keep you informed every step of the way.


We’ll help you transition from paper to electronic claims or take over your current electronic claims processes. Our Billing Service will:

  • Integrate your clinical and billing workflows – no double entry, no inefficiencies
  • Create and submit claims
  • Work rejections and resubmit claims
  • Handle waterfall billings and process patient statements
  • Send bad debt to collections

Download The Definitive Billing Service Buyers Guide

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Achieve Greater Billing Success

Hear what one of our clients had to say about us:

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for all your sustained efforts with the billing. I found out on Friday that we are getting a huge payment this week for a regular weekly electronic batch from Fidelis and claims are also approved for the following week. So it looks like we are up and running with our main payer for weekly claims! 

This is a huge moment for us since it represents financial stability and sustainability. We couldn’t have done it without all of your efforts and support, through a particularly challenging time for our agency. Thanks for keeping at it and enduring a very drawn-out and stressful process as we got everything in order despite unforeseen roadblocks we ran into as a new clinic. I look forward to continuing our work together.

- Ian L. of VCS Mental Health Clinic

Here are just some of the reasons why you should select ClinicTracker’s Billing Service:

  • We know the ins and outs of billing for mental health and substance abuse services. (General medical billing services usually don’t have the expertise.)
  • Enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping and technical support for your EHR and billing services.
  • Need the capacity for institutional billing (UB-04 or 837I)? No problem.
  • Want us to handle provider credentialing? Not an issue with our service partner, TriZetto Provider Solutions.
  • Access real-time billing reports right from your ClinicTracker/BillingTracker desktop.
  • Reduce overhead costs, track claims efficiently, and know that you’re working with a system designed for fast and accurate revenue management.
  • Budget friendly and affordable (with individualized pricing.)
  • Our dedicated billing team will help you find success every step of the way! 

Download The Definitive Billing Service Buyers Guide