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ClinicTracker EHR has accounting integrations with Abila MIP and Blackbaud.

Accounting Integration

ClinicTracker records all client encounters. BillingTracker generates claims and records payments. But what if you want a full financial analysis of your operation? 

BillingTracker integrates with two powerful and award winning accounting systems:

  1. Abila MIP Fund Accounting (Community Brands) is the award-winning tool for managing payables, receivables, grants, complex allocations, projecting budgets, tracking funds, and forecasting cash flow. A tight integration with Abila MIP Fund Accounting makes converting your billing data into valuable accounting information a simple and transparent process.
  2. Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge NXT is the first cloud-based fundraising and relationship management solution. It's smart, all-inclusive, fully-integrated, and built with nonprofits in mind. This fundraising software, with its advanced technology, will help you grow your constituent base, cultivate new revenue streams, and expand your organization’s impact like never before.

Create Direct Integration Links

  1. Connect BillingTracker insurers to funding sources
  2. Link ClinicTracker sub-specialty programs to programs or reporting units
  3. Associate insurers with receivable/revenue accounts

Simple Import/Export Process

  1. Filter export files by program and date range
  2. Review export files in Notepad or our viewer utility
  3. Process your import files by logging directly into Abila MIP from BillingTracker or import them through Blackbaud

What is Fund Accounting?

Commercial organizations have accounting systems that measure product, division, and company performance by gain and loss of profits. Accounting systems for nonprofit organizations (and sometimes governmental agencies) only begin by measuring incoming and outgoing monies—they must do much more. Nonprofits have social and legal responsibilities that extend beyond the balance sheet. They must also carefully track and report on separate sums as they move though their programs in the forms of funds. Major donations and grants are commonly given with a set of specific and unique requirements, restrictions, and responsibilities. The associated funds are either restricted or unrestricted. Failure to demonstrate that restricted funds have been used correctly can have some serious organizational consequences, including termination of executives, loss of funding, and worst case, loss of tax-exempt status. 

*Abila is part of the Community Brands family.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Cut hours or days off of your reporting cycle by creating the reports you need within the system. No more manipulating data with external spreadsheets or fighting with complex, external report-writing tools.

  • Customize the chart of accounts to access data quickly and easily for more efficient tracking and reporting
  • Automate transaction entry with a variety of tools including memorized and recurring transactions, preset distributions, and entry defaults, to boost productivity and reduce errors
  • Use the dynamic drill-down analyzer to review individual transactions that make up balances on reports
  • Make it easy for auditors to verify the accuracy of financial statements by maintaining a clear audit trail

United States Abila MIP Fund Accounting Reseller Partners

ClinicTracker EHR is partnered with Blackbaud

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT

  • All the capabilities of the world’s leading, most widely adopted nonprofit fundraising software
  • An intuitive, role-based interface that understands how nonprofit teams work
  • Built-in analytics that proactively serve up recommendations for how, where and when to prioritize your efforts
  • Advanced fundraising and relationship management capabilities that help you grow your constituent base, cultivate new revenue streams and expand your organization’s overall impact
  • Real-time and user-friendly accessibility from any device
  • Complete integration with other Blackbaud solutions, including Financial Edge NXT, the most advanced cloud accounting solution designed for and available to the nonprofit community
  • The insight of the largest nonprofit community and more than 30 years of research and development by the world’s leading technology provider for nonprofits
  • A forward-looking plan to connect you to the entire philanthropic community