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Portable Medical Record

Portable Medical Record

The Meaningful Use program puts a strong emphasis on the ability to exchange information from one EHR system to another. The idea is that it should be easy for clinicians and clients alike to send and receive clinical information. To foster that goal, the government developed a universal method, called the Consolidated CDA format to send, receive, and incorporate clinical information. ClinicTracker is fully compliant with these Meaningful Use data portability requirements.

Sending C-CDA

Staff can compose and send a C-CDA file for any patient in the system. The only requirement is that the recipient has what’s known as a Direct (secure) email address. You can either select from a pre-stored list of addresses for your referral partners or enter one manually. The method for composing messages is the same as what you use for writing any email within ClinicTracker’s Unified Messaging System.

Receiving C-CDA

When ClinicTracker receives a message with an attached C-CDA file, it automatically translates the raw information in that file and displays it in a way you can read it. The system even organizes a table of contents for the information. You can view the file on-screen and/or save it to the client’s Related Documents repository. One-click takes you to a form where you can compare the incoming C-CDA with the information within that client’s ClinicTracker record. All you’d have to do now is decide which pieces of the new information you want to include in the chart.

Patient Portal C-CDA Access

The Meaningful Use program requires that clients have access to certain details of their record that they can, in turn, download or send to another provider. The ClinicTracker Patient Portal makes it easy for clients to exercise these options. It’s not surprising why patients appreciate having this level of access and control.

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Giving the patient access to their Portable Medical Record means you don’t have to make copies, dig through files or run into problems with records going to the wrong place. Contact us today for a free demo and see how this fits into the overall ClinicTracker solution.