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ClinicTracker users can now enjoy seamless integration with Wiley Treatment Planners, a provider of comprehensive, formal treatment plans for various areas of clinical practice. The best-selling treatment planning tool features 33 customizable planners that cater specifically to treatment plans for adults, children, adolescents, and special populations such as crisis counseling, traumatic events, and addiction.

With a shared desire to help clinics reduce paperwork burdens and spend more time with patients, ClinicTracker and Wiley Treatment Planners are a natural fit for integration. Individually, the two solutions support behavioral health clinicians in automating routines, increasing productivity, boosting efficiency, and improving clinic management. Working together, ClinicTracker and Wiley Treatment Planners build upon these benefits.

By automatically incorporating Treatment Planners treatment plan content into ClinicTracker — the specific planners relevant to your clinic’s target population and area of practice — you’ll not only streamline the management of clinical documentation from a compliance standpoint, but you’ll also have easier access to comprehensive, objective-based insights that drive better patient outcomes.

“As we’ve done for 23 years, when our users talk, we listen,” noted ClinicTracker CEO Joshua Gordon. “There was a growing call within our user community to incorporate the Wiley content, and now it is available to them in a simple manner that is completely consistent with how treatment planning has always worked. This means it will be natural for all new and existing ClinicTracker users to leverage the power of the Wiley information.”

Alongside the solutions we’ve invented to support behavioral health clinic operations, we also recognize the importance of integrations with respected industry partners. Bringing Wiley Treatment Planners into the fold creates an even more powerful tool for making your clinic more efficient, organized, compliant, and profitable.

“We are excited about the partnership formed with Wiley, and are appreciative to our customers for providing input about the features and solutions that will be most impactful to them, their clinics, and their patients,” Gordon stated.

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