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No matter what your responsibility is within your organization, ClinicTracker has the tools and features that will make your job easier. 

How ClinicTracker Serves Every Role Within Your Agency or Clinic

ClinicTracker is your in-house complete EHR solution. We streamline your everyday operations, take on many hats, and automate mundane tasks. Your team efficiency creates a flawless experience for your patients.

ClinicTracker streamlining all mental health worker roles
EHR software for Administrators of mental health


You need instant access to information about every detail of your agency’s operations – from waiting lists and caseloads to paperwork…

efficient EHR for mental health care providers


The last thing you want is to waste precious time wrestling with a clunky electronic medical record that torments more than helps you…

management software for mental health supervisors


Nothing’s harder than overseeing clinicians in an information vacuum. To be effective, you’ve got to have easy access to…

EHR to help Prescribers


While you understand the benefits of electronic prescribing, you’ve heard horror stories about programs that complicate what should be…

EHR software to streamline billing


Given the overpowering complexity of handling bills, insurance claims, and remittances, you demand a billing program that…

EHR software to help mental health clinic staff

Support Staff

You can’t do your job without an end-to-end computerized infrastructure that’s tailored to how your agency runs…

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