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Access ASAM Assessment Tools Through a Single Sign-On

As the first EHR to integrate with ASAM CONTINUUM, ClinicTracker is proud to help your clinic leverage this powerful assessment tool in the most convenient way possible.

With ClinicTracker’s ASAM CONTINUUM integration, your clinicians can easily:

  • Launch an ASAM CONTINUUM assessment directly within ClinicTracker
  • Conduct an assessment in alignment with the ASAM Criteria guidelines
  • Generate comprehensive patient reports — a list that includes DSM 5-TR SUD diagnoses, severity, and imminent risks, as well as recommended level of care placement
  • Obtain ASI composite scores, as well as CIWA and CINA scores for withdrawal
  • Easily re-assess patients directly from their previous CONTINUUM assessment

Alongside CONTINUUM, the ClinicTracker integration also enables access to CO-Triage — ASAM’s shorter and faster screening tool — to further support clinical teams.

Backed by the integration, CO-Triage allows your clinicians to:

  • Get a provisional level of care placement recommendation in under 10 minutes
  • Identify ASAM dimensional needs that require immediate medical attention, including any withdrawal management, co-occurring, or biomedical enhanced services
  • Increase the likelihood patients are referred to the correct ASAM level of care
  • Generate and share a CO-Triage report to clinicians at the receiving program that includes patient-critical items and provisional care needs
  • Streamline your clinical workflow by pulling ASAM CO-Triage assessments into the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment

Experience the benefits of the ASAM integration in your clinic. Let us know which ASAM tool(s) you are interested in and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.