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ClinicTracker EHR allows you to get paid faster with our credentialing service via partnership with Trizetto.

Credentialing Service

  • Timely appeals of denied credentialing

    Improve cash flow with visibility to all stages of credentialing process

    Proactive tracking of schedules and timelines

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ClinicTracker EHR has added credentialing to the portfolio of services we offer through our partner, TriZetto Provider Solutions®.

Obtaining and maintaining provider credentialing is critical to successful revenue management. This burdensome administrative task requires high attention to detail and dedicated follow-through. That explains why 85% of applications are missing the information insurance companies require before they will reimburse for a provider’s services. TriZetto’s team of trained credentialing experts and their powerful technology workflow tool ensures a faster path to credentialing providers and accelerating revenue collection.

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Features and Benefits

TriZetto’s expert staff will gather information for each provider and develop a credentialing packet and application that they submit to payors. They subsequently monitor all applications to make sure they were accepted. Most importantly, their team pays close attention to re-credentialing schedules and timelines, making sure every provider’s credentials are always up-to-date. You’ll get a weekly report regarding all stages of the credentialing process for each payor. Timely appeals make it possible to resolve denied credentialing requests quickly. Plus, you'll have a powerful workflow tool at your disposal that streamlines and prioritizes the process of reviewing paper documents and requirements.

What does this all mean for you? You can be far more assured that the claims you submit will be paid, and your staff can focus their efforts elsewhere.

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